April 22, 2024
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Your Online Portal to the Afterlife Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems

My Journey has taken me into many areas of life. From a child I was placed into Religion. This was good for many years but then I found I lacked something in my life.
It was my spiritual self. It needed expression. My desire was overwhelming and I searched every book and group I could find. Then I was led to some very deep spiritual books. The Oahspe was one of them and it was where I started into my real spiritual journey.
There was such a strong desire to know about how our mind works that visions were coming to me when ever I need to know something. It was such a vast area that many channeled articles were written by me both for my own good and the good of many others.
At seventy three years I stand at the very edge of the universal power. Each day I can use this and study how it works. All my religious beliefs are placed in storage and this allows me to venture beyond the borders of Religion. When we pass Religion then we gain freedom, and to be truly free is what I want.
Art has put many of my Writings and Poems here online but you may also bring a visit to my homepage.
Wayne Sturgeon.

2011 sept Skinny dip
A bird told me
At Dusk and Dawn (Poem)
Away (Poem)
Bare Feet (Poem)
Beware of emotions
Black Pants (Poem)
Blender (Poem)
Blind Man (Poem)
Burnt Offerings (Poem)
But A sprout
Butterfly (Poem)
Christmas in Heaven
Christmas with Euclid
Comfort and Chummy

Conflict My Creation (Poem)
Conform (Poem)
Cool of the Day (Poem)
Dear Marjorie
Depression (Poem)
Descending (Poem)
Dispair (Poem)
Down Deep (Poem)
Express Lane (Poem)
Forever Anger (Poem)
Freedom By Wayne
Freedom By Wayne Ultimate
Freedom Quest
From Dust to Dust
Golden Buttons (Poem)
Heaven and Hell (Poem)
Heros (Poem)
Hey Mom (Poem)
Highway Two (Poem)
Holy Books (Poem)
Honour and Love

Innocence (Poem)
Inventions (Poem)
It Stands not Still (Poem)
Judgement (Poem)
Keys to Freedom


Lights out (Poem)
Love (Poem)

Mohawk Mohawk
Mushroom (Poem)
My friend Arty (Poem)
Never Was (Poem)
New Religion (Poem)
Our Community (Poem)
Pillow (Poem)
Poem by Marjory Sturgeon
Reach (Poem)
Rocking Chair (Poem)
Rubber Boots (Poem)
Skinny dip
Soul Eyes (Poem)
Tell Him (Poem)
The Acorn, Dad and I
The edge of darkness
The Enchanted Forest
The Garden (Poem)
The Great Chamber
The Law (Poem)
The substance
The Train (Poem)
Thin Ice
Think for Ourselves
To escape (Poem)
To God or not to God
Too many (Poem)
Truth (Poem)
Up Hill (Poem)
Vote (Poem)
Wayne on Reincarnation
Weather Woman (Poem)
Window (Poem)
Wings of the untethered - The Vision (Poem)
Winter Coat (Poem)
Wisdom By Wayne
Wonderful Living (Poem)
Words (Poem)
Yes (Poem)

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