February 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Heros (Poem) January 30, 2010

Tender care and love abound
In mothers all around
To tuck kids in and kiss away
The sores and tears of this day

They never can be sick
Because mothers don't know how
They have to be in charge
Of the family they have now

They give their children courage
To sort out all life's problems
Mothers find the best way
And problems just get solved

They have the gift of healing
With hands that stomachs held
To take away those awful cramps
And sooth away their hurts

Sleepless nights made cradles rock
And worry didn't count
Cause mom was made to take away
The fear of all the night

Dads gone to work and children to school
And mom is worn out
But beds are made and lunches got
Now mom sure needs a rest

Children home from school
To find a snack for them
And listen to their tales of school
And what the teacher said

Then dad comes up the lane
And greeted with a kiss
How was your day dear?
And you I sure did miss

So let us praise our hero's
And give them their just due
Never ever we forget
Those moms are heroes too


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