December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Blind Man (Poem) January 13, 2010
The blind man shook my hand
And introduced himself
Told me of his ventures
And how his life proceeds

He asked for my opinion
That, I thought was nice
And told me of his own way
Of being one with God

We were on the same path
And just touched base here
He didn't even judge me
It was made very clear

He couldn't even see my face
Or colour of my skin
All he asked is for me to be
Just close friends with him

We walked through many places
And helped out where we could
He made me feel so welcome
To be in his neighbourhood

He told me that he could see
By listening to what is said
We talked about the Angels
And the new land of the dead

Where all our selves will gather
Where doubt is left without
To see the things the blind man saw
With the light that guided him


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