December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Thin Ice February 20, 2013

Thin Ice

Where I tread is thin ice. Living at the edge for me brings comfort. It makes me realize that no matter my deeds or thoughts it will not be well liked or approved. To stay on top is my quest.

Each day brings this patch of thin ice. It comes usually from others in the form of an opinion or just an open criticism. So to relieve the ever present danger  my words and deeds should be monitored.

My opinions are not valued by most of my friends and relatives much of the time. This I feel is all right for them because a lot of the time my thinking is far from where they are with their thoughts. Should I then not make comments? Or should I adjust the comments so all can use it? This is where the ice thins.

To continue writing material that is controversial may seem that I am selfish. But I found many of my ideals from writers that told their story as it should be told. Had I not listened and learned from this I would remain in the group that need not think.The results of this are the society we have. A society that will end in a decade if some don’t start thinking.

Writing for me is an outlet. In most cases it is the only way that I can express myself. The poetry I use should be named something different. If a word doesn’t rhyme I use it anyway as I feel the story is more valuable than a poem well written.

Should I constantly be justifying my words or should the words be written as I feel they should be To fit the truth of the current situation and not to fit the correctness of a well written poem. Either way the words ,will meet with criticism but the words will be written.


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