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Your Online Portal to the Afterlife UFO Material - UFO Sightings

We will sort these all out one day when we have the time. When videos aren't working anymore you have You Tube to thank for that. More movies can be found in Videos for Download.

Various years - UFO Fleets over major cities
many good links
Australian UFO footage baffles experts (video)

Experts are scratching their heads over new footage of two strange objects floating low above an Australian lake. Businessman Nick Brint, who witnessed the UFOs, started filming until his camera unfortunately ran out of batteries. The case is discussed on September 12th in the Australian Breakfast Show 'Sunrise'.

2011 very many ufos in aug en sept - list uf url's
2011 very many ufos in aug en sept
2011 very many ufos in aug and sept oct nov more added
2011 UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm on CNN! July 5, 2011
2011 Ufo Ovni sightings in Japan by the Earthquake and Vulcano Eruption
2011 Sakurajima Unexplained Light and Ufos - 13/03/2011 Japan
2011 oct 2 UFO sighting n. Scottsdale az.
2011 march 3 Incredible UFO footage from Kazakhstan: Aliens buzz city

. This is a very good movie  . not possible to fake this  .. Just my opinion  .. Art 

2011 february 21 UFO in Moscow on at 23 15
2011 Breaking News: Leaked footage of Alien from Zeta Reticula. UFO crash survivor?

This is a live alien  Were are being shown

judge for yourself    Art 

2010 Ultimate UFO Collection-Iceland Volcano March 2010
2010 UFO's over Oakland - 2 times

UFO's OVER OAKLAND CA. 06-11-2010 2 10:00 PM. COURSE 15 DEG. NORTH Coordinates 37 47' 30"N 122 11 19"W. No sound can be herd only visible in the infrared. Equipment used is NVRS 3x50 GEN 2+ infrared night scope with Sony HC52.
Story of sighting 1
More info on: UFO Sightings - 09-23-10
UFO Oakland ca 5-28-2010 filmed using NVRS 3X50 Gen 2+ and Sony Handy CAM
Story of sighting 1

2010 UFO's over New York on October the 13th
2010 Ufo's In the corona of the Sun
2010 Russian MIG's Chase a UFO
2010 New cloud ufo Mexico
2010 march 15 Mass UFO Sightings - 3 Women Film UFO - Alien Evidence Proof of Alien Visitors
2010 june 5 UFO over Gold Coast, Australia.
2010 Infrared UFO fleet in Norway, 5/5-2009

Infra red film  Filmed over Norway  .. A good film . But not much documentation   art

2010 april 15 UFO WALNUT BEACH
2010 ALIEN ALERT: ARMADA OF UFO IN OHIO 3 raw videos in one
2009 UFO Ovni Diamond January 3rd 2009 - Costa Rica
2009 UFO Mexico
2009 Best UFO evidence 2009 Bienne Switzerland
2009 Airplane Abducted By UFO: Caught On Tape
2006 UFO in Nanjing, China

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