December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Our Community (Poem) January 20, 2010

Our Community was always here
But scattered here and there
It is sometimes hard to see
But always it is there but in need of some repair
Time for us to see it
And to give it of our best
Then it will make it's self be seen
And it will do the rest
Likened to a big machine
That now has gathered dust
And many very important parts
Have been seized up with rust
Now it will go when wiped with cloth
Its softness will bestow
With words that from our lips
Do very gently flow
It is with the oil of kindness
That frees up this big machine
And gently give with outstretched hands
A turn or two for free
Now soon it will be running
And at its proper speed
Because of built in governing
Its speed will not exceed
And built in safety it does have
Look first for others needs
And if we face with inner doubt
The oil of kindness will help out.


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