December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Beware of emotions February 20, 2013


Emotions are what we feel is a great way of expression. We learn this from our childhood and throughout our lives. It is a normal reaction to display happiness and sympathy and justly so. Sometimes though emotions will cause you a lot of sadness. This happens when we are emotional about things that are for your personal trial of happy time.

When we are happy or sad ourselves there is little need to use reason as it is a closed cycle. We are happy because of some event or sad because of some event. Now when we become emotional because of someone telling us that a great blessing or event will make our lives perfect. This is the time to start asking questions.

When a couple after just a short relationship start to say he is the only one and she is my soulmate we were meant for each other and this is my dream being fulfilled, then its time to be careful. When we respond to our hearts command then we can be beating to an unreal situation. You are in a situation where you will be hurt because this is not true. What your heart says is untrue so switch as fast as you can to your brain.

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