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The  Mediumship By Sylvia howard  . Sylvia was given a  Corner of the computer  .  She ask for it  ,.

She was given that free of charge  .  And she  Has shown her  mediumship in a grand way  . Many sittings  in films of sittings , she have shown On the website In grand daylight .how gifted She has been in the past And still is  .   And our website has discovered  .  That all she shows  . Is very real and true  . And the website  Is obligated  to keep showing All these sitting , she herself have also shown on Internet From  Her great mediumship. As long the website will exist  . After all she shows what no other mediums have ever shown  .  Praise to Sylvia  Howard  

Channeling and the presence phenomenon

Main site here

Ghostcircle free E-Books

The Science of Physical Mediumship with lost of free E-books.

Helen Duncan

. Blossoms links  have something for everyone
Modern American spiritualism: a twenty years' record

Modern American spiritualism: a twenty years' record of the communion between earth and the world of spirits. By Emma Hardinge.
New York: The author, 1870.

Rosemarys site Nov 28 2010

Would like your readers to be directed to my survey.

The survey is entitled The Nature Incidence & Impact of Spontaneous Paranormal Experiences.


The aim of this research is to learn more about paranormal events in everyday life. Originally, this survey was used to collect data for Rosemary Breen's Higher Degree dissertation at Monash University in Australia. It is believed that this was the first time that the Internet had been used to collect paranormal data on such a large scale.

Over 4,000 volunteers participated in the original survey and it is envisaged that this survey will be kept open indefinitely.

Please complete the survey and spread the word! Let's see how the paranormal is really being felt around the world.

2. I also have a free downloadable ebook. People will receive this when they sign up for it here:

Spirit Messengers Spiritual Mediums

"Spirit messengers is a small family run service. We aim to offer honest, enlightening, heartfelt readings by talented natural mediums."

Spirit of Creation, art and psychic workshops, auragraph readings

"Linzi is a Psychic Artist, Creating Guide and Auragraph Readings."
The Abu Trust

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