December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Vote (Poem) January 29, 2010
My TV set reveals to me
Some very gracious words
Uttered from a politicians lips
Those tricky little verbs

A vote for him
On Election Day
No other choice made clear
Now lower taxes and better care
If he gets elected into this chair
And treat all people true and fair

His speech has touched me very deep
My heartstrings it did pull
On Monday morning I went down
My vote I was to cast
The X was placed in the proper spot
To get this fellow in

At last a leader bright and new
To straighten up old crooked ways
But wages only fair at least
But his pension did increase

To combine all our taxes now
Into one just easy one
Just add Eight percent and seven
And you get twenty-one

Because our funding now has been cut
A new tax we must bestow
A tax on all your tires
Both coming and to go
Then tax your air conditioning
So driving you can go

The parking meters have to go
The ones that take a cent
And modern ones to us are given
That start at fifty cents

The Greatest country in the world
Is where we are headed now?
A letter came into my box
From the city it was sent
To tell me that my taxes now
Will increase by ten percent

Now I start to get a feeling
Of this new leaders wheeling and dealing
And something from within
Has rubbed my patience very thin
And off to city hall
I must now go

But upon my arrival
I was told a procedure I must follow
And to the city council
I must go

Now to start their wheels a turning
And thus end my yearning
So have my questions ready
And bring with me I was told
A cheque for fifty dollars
For my story to unfold

Now I was close to screaming
And very near to steaming
But I stopped before I was to go
For before me faced a lady
Which surprised me even more
And a bill was given
When I went out the door

The bill was to inform me
That I was far behind in paying
For the license for my friends
Thirty days they gave me
To pay this past due bill
Or off to the dog pound
My two friends will go

Now my face has many ridges
From all the cringing done
When opening of the mail
Finds more taxes to fix bridges

I wonder now
As I am getting old
And face the graveyard soon
Yes a plan I have
And this is what it is
To place a mailbox on the plot
And no address to give


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