December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Soul Eyes (Poem) January 20, 2010
Its nine AM on Sunday
With people on the street
That will gather at some steeple
So their maker they can meet

Some will go to this one
And some to that one over there
But they all will greet their maker
With some worship and some prayer

I used to do like they do
And go down to my church
To bring my heart to worship
And hear a sermon from the perch

I do not do this anymore
There is another way
For my soul to greet its maker
On such a sunny day

Are we not all the same?
And connected by the soul
We all have ways to worship
And none of them in vain

Many times I wondered
Which one was the best?
Then I learned it didn't matter
How our soul will come to rest

I will try to never
Judge a persons path to prayer
I will not place a wedge
Between a man and his maker

Now I will pledge before me
With words to my creator
Help me not to judge them
Because its you that's their creator

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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