December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Yes (Poem) January 29, 2010
The garden does need weeding
And the door it needs some fixing
The toaster, yes a plug it needs
Bare spots on the lawn need seed

I must be very cautious
And consider what I do
Before I get out hammer
Screwdriver or the glue

I surmise the situation
And without hesitation
Proceed out to the yard
To see what I could do

But then I must consider
Which Job I should do first.
This brain of mine
Will show the way
The most important job to do

I will consult the Sages wisdom
That has in times past
And see what their solution is
To undergo this task

I then locked up my toolbox
And my toga I put on
Now I practice yoga
And sit here on my lawn


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