October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Words (Poem) January 31, 2010

The word was heard so clearly
That was intended just for me
The early morning dew
On the grass around my tree
What it was, was just my name
Spoken clear and very plain
My quiet times when days permit
Beside my tree I there do sit.
Was it just the breeze in the trees?
Or my imagination running wild?
Or could it be that voice within
That told me I'm your child.
Now words seem to come
From another place
Just into my head
Yes some place
That's deep in space
From Me, these words He said
I feel my Creator close to me
And words come in my head
Each time I sit beside my tree
My path in life is led
Many answers to my prayers
And without tongues were said
From my youth, to this very day
Have come into my head
With roots and trunk and branches fair
This massive tree does grip the air
Like words from it to me they come
But yet this tree, it has no tongue.

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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