December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Buddy February 20, 2013


That sound of flapping ears

Soft covers that make his head

Whipping around to say

I now am out of bed

Coming down the stairs

He turns and looks at me

Then stretches full out

An arched back I see

He wanders to my chair

My lap he puts his head

The signal for me to see

He now is out of bed

Pushing his head into my chest

He loves me is what it means

But soon that little whimper

Tells me, he is hungry it seems

The stubby tail wags away

To the kitchen I am led

His nose now hits the fridge

No more need be said

A snack is what his mind is set

A sausage or a wiener

A piece of cheese will also do

To keep from getting leaner

Now out the door he says to me

That whimper tell it all

Have some business to attend

I’ll bark when I need in

He comes in and gives a paw

And gives his head a shake

Then turns his head and smiles at me

And then it’s back to bed



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