October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Truth (Poem) January 30, 2010

Truth is just for today
With satisfaction and comfort to stay
So let us enjoy it
But only employ it
As good for only today

If we stretch it into tomorrow
Then it may with it bring sorrow
As old truths are not meant for today

The greatest truths of years ago
Was how to measure time
With many dials and gadgets
And clocks without a chime

Then came a new invention
That put all minds at rest
An hourglass that's full of sand
It did the job the best

If a new truth comes before us
And it's presence into view
The little job that we must do
Is to put its expiry date into view
But darkness set upon me
And getting hard to write
Now I must turn the hourglass
And re invent the light


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