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Announcements Announcements 2011
Alien Civilization makes Contact - November 12, 2011

Alien Civilization Makes Contact!


Sylvia Howarth is back . - October 14, 2011

                 The  Medium Sylvia Howarth Is back on the website ..  Her link is located at


On the front page  .  On the left site  .  Second line from the Bottom 


Start with the first word Witnessing   . Here you can click on her live blog .  .  Art 

Or click on the link below  .

Have an urgent request To all members on my site - October 11, 2011

                                                    I HAVE AN URGENT REQUEST TO ALL MEMBERS ON MY SITE




  I hereby . like to ask you all . for once ( or More often ) to write me a mail .

On the front page . on top , I have an icon named , Contact me .   PLease write me an mail there .   From each of you I like to hear , if you like my website  , If i can change it in any way  , or if you like other subjects

added , Or leave it like it is .   Another reason . i like you to do this once , is to put all the adresses , your s

in a group mail  . Than if i have Somthing Urgent , that i want to show you   I can mail it to you all at once 

And do not have to write A Announcement first , For the members . But you get the Item  Directly in your mailbox     Thank you all for cooperating  .   With very Kind Regards Art

2011 .summer , New ufo material - October 10, 2011

   Here is New Ufo Materiall  . I have no time to put it all on the website  .. 

Low Unidentified Objects Flying Together - 20th Sep. 2011.


UFOs near Apple Valley mountains, California 20 September 2011


Ovni estacionario en Quito "bola_roja"


U.F.O.s keep messing CHILE'S AIRPORT more SIGHTNINGS!!


UFO Sozopol  4 sept 2011


Daytime UFO over Mexico 22 September 2011



12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure




UFOs over Yerevan.MOV!






Large UFO and UFO rapid, 18 Aug 2011 (HD 1080p).mp4


Mount Pleasant UFO leaves colorful trail in daylight infrared video




2011 very many ufos in aug and sept - September 30, 2011

                                              2011 . VERY MANY UFOS IN AUG AND SEPT 

I found so many films about ufos in  aug and sept  . to put the all clip and clear on my website  

 The most of then i give you the urls  .  They are located here  

In   Ufo material you tube  .        then in the file    2011 very many ufos in aug and sept


I have 4 lines there . the two topones have one video a piece  . the third one is still empty  

The fourth one has all the ufo  url.  Very very many .  most are good films  

2011 very many ufos in aug and sept - September 30, 2011

 good day everyone  .  

I found too many film about ufos in  aug and sept  . to put the all clip and clear on my website  

 Themost of then i give you the urls  .  They are located here  

In   Ufo material you tube  . then in the file                    2011 very many ufos in aug and sep


I have 4 lines there . the two topones have one video a piece  . the third one is still empty  

The fourth one has all the ufo  url.  Very very many .  most are good films  

Sylvia howarths Medium Spirits predictions are true . - August 27, 2011



The Space ships are being seen all over the earth  . the big one will be coming tonight 

  I reported you about Medium Sylvia Howarth  .. About her life sittings . not very many of you Reported in . to sit with her 

If you want to  know . you can still listen to last nights live sitting  .  Mail Sylvia  for The acces code for Justin Tv  .


And hear  what The Spirits tell you  .. life   .   here is her  Mail adress once more  :

Here are a few ufo reports  .   This is the last time  I give the e-mail adress

 You can now find her blog . for all the still shots  . And get the site for life Sittings from Sylvia her self  .  Art 



buenos aires

UFO"S ARE COMING IN AUGUST - August 23, 2011

. Ufos are underway . from Space in Agust . great fleets . 


UFO Stansted Airport in Essex camera man Alvinol


MASSIVE UFO Fleet Observed By HUNDREDS! -Daejeon Korea, Aug 2011



Large UFO and UFO rapid, 18 Aug 2011 (HD 1080p).mp4


take a look at these films . i will keep you updated .   Art 




UFO"S ARE COMING IN AUGUST - August 23, 2011

. Ufos are underway . from Space in Agust . great fleets . 


UFO Stansted Airport in Essex camera man Alvinol


MASSIVE UFO Fleet Observed By HUNDREDS! -Daejeon Korea, Aug 2011



Large UFO and UFO rapid, 18 Aug 2011 (HD 1080p).mp4


take a look at these films . i will keep you updated .   Art 




UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm on CNN! July 5, 2011 - August 19, 2011

. One of the best ufo film I have seen for a long time  . Go take a look fast .  



The you tube is called .


 UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm on CNN! July 5, 2011


Go to this link on the site 


SilVia Howarths Sitting ON 8-8-2008 Healing night - August 09, 2011



. THis Sitting we cannot post here  . But i tell you were on the website it is posted  

Go to the main page   hold your mouse on the Icon esoteric books then click on download books  

arrived at that page . scrol down  to SYLVIAS MEDIUMSHIP  . There i will ad the sitting of today .  

Posted pictures only  .   But you can also go to her blog . and see them for yourself  , and read the text of the Sitting  ..   Art   here is her blog  

 With Love Art 

Sylvia s Statement On her Blog about her mediumship - August 08, 2011

 Statement from Sylvia . On her blog  . About her mediumship 


  She was put down In a way  . By Victor Zammit  . here is her reply  .


 She posted this , this afternoon  on her blog  . And underneed this statement 

She has a sitting on the 7th of august and one on the 5th of august  . Were she proofs her true Mediumship  .


 She will not be solled With  . Any more by no one  .. If possible  . Go to her live sittings by asking Sylvia for the code . to the sitting   Send her an E-mail here


Thank you for listening   Art 



Monday, 8 August 2011

MYsterioUS Circle takes no Crap from no one

Hi viewers to the site, it has been brought to the mysterious circle on remarks of the medium how she sits being in another person's opinion something that can easily be recreated, for those who have witnessed the sittings live on camera broadcasts via the world have seen the spirit and ET appearing and all the changes taking place continuous, the VORTEX which is NOT ECTOPLASM works differently to anything you can ever imagine, there may be psychic photographers, however this is not even spirit photography yet some one has said it is and can be re produced by skeptics, I would love to see anyone try reproduce this type of mediumship which is not Psychic photography, nor Physicalmediumship, it has been said many times it is beyond Physicalmediumship and comes under another name in which the circle cannot release to public until the Spirit team say we can. a certain person also thinks dark mediums can do what the mysterious circle are doing, oh I would love to see how because we work in all conditions even broad daylight, we need no cabinet, nor trumpets, the person also seems to think we are not giving any spirit evidence, if we are not doing this then what are we doing?  You can make excuses of those who work with ectoplasm and the dark, you can fool anyone sitting in the dark, you can charge heavy fees for sitting in the dark, show your claims of mediumship even if you have to use a night vision camera, show the spirit what is coming in if you have them, spirit are not limited to a dark space nor anything, they will appear any where they wish, all the history and corruption in making the public believe it has to be darkness for mediums is a load of crap, i would not waste my time funding money in to a dark room to get a message from some one i once knew, i want to at least get more than just a voice, any one could get out there chair in the dark pretending to be a spirit, so before you throw bullets at me and what I do think again, because i will take you all on, i have nothing to hide from no one. And i am not in it for the money either, i respect the spirit people, i should not have to charge a fee to be able to talk to my own mother, i never did when she was alive, shame on those who have no consciousness when it comes to the word respect and dignity for those on the other side. At least the mysterious circle do care about people who are hurting over some one's death, we make people aware not to sit till they are strong in mind body and spirit, and never to feed any medium or person with personal information so they can re use it in a reading which many fakes do. the afterlife is real and so is spirit people, it not a joke, it not a game, and it certainly is not a playground for others amusement and take others for a ride. when we sit, it is dedication, and there is no rule how often we sit, we enjoy sitting, and we enjoy helping others when we can. I aint gonna take this competition of comparing off no one, the afterlife should not be of that. Those who have a gift deserve something good, those who fake need to be cleared, simple as, prove your claims if you got it lets see it for what it really is.

She may be an excellent medium ... but my website is about the OBJECTIVE and REPEATABLE EVIDENCE for the afterlife.

You have to understand this: I deal with a lot of skeptics - and they tell me what Sylvia can show WE CAN SHOW ALSO.


That is why, in the last 21 years I have never shown spirit-photography - because skeptics can produce EXACTLY what spirit photography produces.


I have absolutely nothing against Sylvia - but I deal with repeatability and objectivity to prove the afterlife. Skeptics would try to crucify me if I show anything that they can do themselves.


Everything I do with David Thompson is objective and repeatable - that is why skeptics don't have the fortitude to take me on regareding materializations.

Posted by Mysterious Circle at 13:38 0 comments


More Ufo's Behind the sun - July 30, 2011




WE found Some more Ufo's behind the the  Sun . Candice and I did  . 


Here is the new YOU TUBE FILM  


It is also loaded on this website    .. Enjoy  . art 



I told you Last Week . to ask Sylvia howarth . For the Acces code . For her Kive Tv Sitting  .


AS far As I found out from Sylvia . None of you did ask for the code. 


Well you sure missed a lot  ,,   The Ethereans . Introduced . A new Technologie Into Mediumship 

Sylvia . A very Gifted . daylight Medium . Not in the dark  .. 

Has been given the ability . to open a Vortex into  Other worlds  .  To Show us , in future . How those Others

Live On their Planets . That was opened up , last Night in the Sitting  You can see it Happening . 

If You ask Sylvia  For the Access Code . You can still See that sitting  .. Send her an e-mail  to  .   It is word your while  . All the forgoing sittings are available to you there as

well .  This is the live site      Go to it  . It is your loss . Not Sylvias .   Greetings from Art . 

. Et s Are coming To earth. In Augus 2011. - July 24, 2011





I went To England  .  And Had A weeks holliday  . Lovely  . And Many sessions . In the Seance Room  .

With Sylvia  . And Chris  Her Friend  .  

The ET"S Spook to us Before. In earlyer Sittings  .ET In this Case . I think Stands for ETHERIAN 

You can All Sit With Her . Next Wednesday  Life . When An Et Might Disclose . What will Happen In our Skies In August  .. If you want to hear this,  live  .. Please Write An E-mail, To Sylvia Howarth   

To This Mailing Adress  . Asking . For The Site And The Acces Code  .. She has to give Permission  ..    This is Special  And I think very Important  . For your Welbeing     Art 

5 july 2011 Going away on hollidays - July 05, 2011

.  Hi everyone  . I like to tell you . that i go away . for a week  , And will shut down my computer .


(Thunderstorms and all that .  )


So the website will not be available  .. I alswo would like you to hold all e-mail  



I leave om 9th of july  . will be back on the 16th of july .. Than you . As soon as I am back


I will start up my website  .. Art  

An Invitation . to sit In Sylvias Seances on Tuesday nights - June 29, 2011


.. I send a request  . and an invitation  . to come and  sit in the seance room . On line  . With The Medium  Sylvia Howarth .  If you are not interested . please delete  this E-mail  . It is Definitely no spam  .


This séance will be conducted and held . On Tuesday nights  . At 6.30 pm /  English time  .. you will have to figure what time that for you 


Here is the Spirit room blog .. You  have to ask Silvia  . the access code  .. Here is her mail address   . When you do sit  . in her séance . Would you then be so kind . to write Silvia  A comment . about the sitting 


 She would like that very much   .  .. She does this for free  . As long as she can. You can ask me other questions if you like  , before you decide . to sit or not  .. my e-mail is ..  . WE sat in her sittings . And I can tell you they are something else  .


You sit there live  . The next morning . the pictures of the video come out  . There you can see what transpired . that your eyes did not see . 


If you decided . to join the sitting    Ones you have the Access code from Silvia  . You also can see the Earlyer sittings from Sylvia . With view and sound  ..  And here is her normal blog  . Were last nights sitting . is shown . In pictures  . 


Ufos over Japan nuclearar site - June 15, 2011

Ufos over Japan 

2 Ufo Ovni sightings in Japan by the Earthquake and Vulcano Eruption, March 11, 2011 Must See it

Located . in folder  ufomaterial  - youtube

New development For Sylvia - June 09, 2011

New development For Sylvia  


 The sittings on Sylvias blog has been changed. Each sitting now contains both the Pictures And the Youtube of that sitting . this way people will better understand what is going on . 

Only people that enter the blog will  be able to see the Youtube film as well 

When you go to the blog . You will see that the new posting cotain both the Picture and the youtube for that sitting  . They  verifies Each  other

THen also Silvia has opened a new Life camera room 

So you be able to see what goes on in the seance room  .. never been done before 

In order to enter the room is here the website

. To enter this Life camera room . you need  The Access code from Silvia  .. 

To get this please send a private mail to Sylvia . Requesting this  . Please give to particulars about your self 

here is her e-mail Adress .  . This has been done for Safety sake  .. 

Hope you enjoy this service  . of Sylvia  .. Art 

Spirit has opened up A new window For Sylvia . The New Medium - June 05, 2011

A new Window Opened up for Sylvia..  New progression.

The Video is located here  . On the site   ..

Located in the folder SYLVIAS MEDIUMSHIP  

If you download it from here to a video file. You can play It  .. Best is with VLC media player 

Also. Has Sylvia appeared on another website  

This one  Sylvia  is Improving very much. 

Latest ufo film . 2011 eight part - May 21, 2011

Hello All.  My latest ufo film  from behind the sun is ready. 

There are 13 films now.. located  here :

once there you find the entire playlist   .. Posted this to day.  Art


How to Enter Sylvias Blog. to see the sitting of each day  To se the Spirit come in.  

Go here

Than go here,

And than scroll on the right site . till you come to the date.  Which is for today 

the 19th of May  .. You can try this each day to see the new sittings  

When you scroll further down. you come to a folder that says. Archives. Here you can find all former sittings  . FRom the day Sylvia started  .. In Jan 2011  ..   Art 



And received a Special corner on my website  .. 

She Has live sittings with the Cameras , And Live spirts do come through  

No Ectoplasm involved 

Here is her Corner

On the website  . On the left.  Many sittings. are in The archives on the right 

If you click on this Blog Above . Each day. the new sitting will be on top . Even today.   For The first time yesterday  She A healing sitting. With life Spirit healers. Last night 

So you receive. A very first  Today .

You can on this link,  just scroll down to the 16th of May.  This is very special  And just a beginning


Kazakstan ufos and Live Alien - May 03, 2011

We placed two  you tube film on the website  

These films are here :  Ufo material youtube 

titles are :

Breaking News: Leaked footage of Alien from Zeta Reticula. UFO crash survivor?


Incredible UFO footage from Kazakhstan: Aliens buzz city 3/2011

New ufo Film . seventh part - April 24, 2011

Hello everyone 

We put up another you tube .  2011 seventh part .. we also put up  2011 sixth part

I give you the urls were to go.

here you find all the pictures i put up . With the caption underneath  . with some comments from me . 

here are the you tubes   Sixth part

And Seventh part.

Or you go here

Sakurajima Unexplained Light and Ufos - 13/03/2011 Japan - April 10, 2011

A very good movie  of Ufos above a  working vulcano 

Sakurajima Unexplained Light and Ufos - 13/03/2011 Japan

New Ufo film Ufos behind the Sun Nr 11 - April 09, 2011

Hallo all . I produced  another Ufo film.  Ufos behind the  Sun 

This is film  number 11 . located here:

Special reports : then  Strange Objects (by the Sun)

top video . contains all of them  New one is  2011 sixth part   art 

Besides that : 

These came in my possesion  


Evidence from Apollo 11 about UFOs found on the Moon art

2011: Year of Illumination - April 03, 2011

A movie posted . 


title: 2011 year of illumination by LeeHarrisEnergy

Here as well :

Nice movie  Art 

Trance Figuration Medium subscribed to our website - April 03, 2011

Would like to introduce you to Sylvia 

She subscribed to our website . 

She proves with her blogsite that she is a trancefiguration Medium 

have a look . I predict that Sylvia will be famous someday . I hope that she will 

stay the loving person she is now . 

here is her site :

This Medium Sylvia   Is going to be famous some day 

see for yourself 03-04-2011

New ufo's behind the sun fourth part - March 19, 2011

I  created a new film  . About more ufo's i found in the last month behind and in front of the sun 

They are on a new youtube film on this website  Added to the playlist .

The are here  have Fun  and be amazed . 


News - March 10, 2011

We have news:

First the children of the world


Then a new poem by Ken Mills . Also to be found in Kens corner .  


And more news . Another Ufo's behind the sun film has be uploaded :

BRITISCH UFO FILES DISCLOSED Given to the Public, and Downloaded 8 march 2011 - March 08, 2011

Hallo All.  

I downloaded . the disclosed british Ufo file  To my website .

You can freely download them to your computer , Ande study them at  your own .

Time and pace  .. Hope you can find some worthwhile info from them Whomever is interested.

The are located on in the esoteric book section.


British Ufo File Given to the Public Downloaded 8 march 2011

Lots of Fun reading those files  .. Art

Very special ship last night - March 05, 2011

I want to show you all a very special ship  . I found last night behind the Sun  /..  

it is located in a folder called  ufo material pictures  

than go to 2011 third part .  picture 3 ,4,5,7

here :

Ufo over Moscou 21 feb 2011 - February 26, 2011

Good film of a ufo over Moscou resently

title  UFO in Moscow on February 21 2011 at 23 15.

Hope you like it Art

New: Playlist of all the objects I found in 2010 and 2011 - February 23, 2011

I uploaded all the pictures into a movie on You Tube and made a playlist of all the objects I found near the Sun in 2010 and 2011 made by the Soho Satellite.

You can watch them all in a row at once on this page:

Or if you will on this page:

You may follow me on You tube and watch all my movies here:


David Wilcock 2010 - February 17, 2011

David Wilcock 2010 are a series of 4 films connected to each other  .. That may change your thinking And your life .

Would you please watch them, and listen to them . It is realy exiting . That we are all part of Our manificent future 

They are located here:

HOPE - January 23, 2011


This word carries so much when we express

Our heart felt wish for improvement in

Another's health or well-being

So easy to express in so many ways

Yet there needs to be something more

Behind this quest, is another world?

Wherein lie the powers of help to descend?

Prayer and hope offer the same request

We know not how or when they respond

The why of life's mystery is hidden deep?

Yet we are slaves to its call so often made

Perhaps life is after all like a flower tall

It has a time to shine in its glory when tall

But will eventually fall.

Ken Mills. 11-Sep-07

Victor Zammitts site - January 21, 2011

FRIDAY AFTERLIFE REPORT    GREAT SITE                                                                                  
Last week's report
If you have been sent this link by a friend, or have come across it on the internet, sign up here.

Receive Friday Afterlife Report Email:

January 21st 2011
COMMENTARY: 'ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE' THE 'DISTANCE' EXPLAINED: the increasing distance between those who accept the afterlife evidence and those who do not want to accept the afterlife can be explained. Simple really: ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE - Those of us who read, study, investigate, experience and extend our knowledge are into positive 'motion' extending our knowledge dramatically.
This inevitably results in us moving forward and leaving BEHIND those who choose to do nothing, who choose to remain STANDING STILL.
We actually continue to MOVE AWAY from those closed minded skeptics by the sheer fact that we are making progress through the afterlife knowledge we are continuously gaining.
That is why you may find it increasingly difficult to debate or even converse with the cynics on the subject of the afterlife. You have done your homework; you have had personal experiences that no-one can take away from you. As a result you are likely to be light years ahead away and apart from those who have not even begun to look at the evidence for the afterlife.
What's likely to happen to these closed cynics on crossing over? The mind boggles!!!

CAN LOWER LEVEL SPIRITS NEGATIVELY INFLUENCE THE LIVING? GUYS, BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHERE TO GO! Last week I suggested this possibility in relation to the Arizona gun killings. In the book we suggested for download last week- Fifty Years a Medium, Estelle Roberts writes
" I remember an interesting instance in which a young man was thesubject of a dreadful obsession. Normally he was a person of charm and accomplishment, but he had periods when he was overcome by an almost irresistible desire to kill his mother. The climax came when he was discovered making his way to her room with the fixed intention of taking her life. Something obviously had to be done, and I was approached to give what help I could. I arranged for a sitting of my group members and invited the young man to attend. 'Red Cloud' controlled me in a deep trance and addressed himself to the young man. "Two years ago you visited a house of ill repute (a brothel) in France," he said, "and when you left you did not come away alone. An evil spirit accompanied you in your aura, seeing in you a channel for the earthly expression of his own sinful desires." See chapter 3.

Dennis Scott, speaking from the spirit world through medium Leslie Flint in 1968, also claimed that "entities" in the afterlife that are on a lower level may attach themselves to a person who shares the same vices and influence him or her to do things. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, they are more susceptible to influence. Listen to Dennis Scott speaking through Leslie Flint.
INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM JAMES VAN PRAAGH AGREES:Clearly we need to be aware that we can all be influenced for better or worse by the thoughts and desires of others- through what we read and listen to, the energies we associate with and what we take into our bodies. International medium James Van Praagh agrees. He writes: "It is so important...I want you to know this explanation is in complete alignment with my guides have told me through the years!"

Another announcement . Is the Film MOON RISING - January 10, 2011


Nasa Did very secretive over those films. but here is the wholy story  .

I hope you will enjoy It . 

They are also available on the site  

In the folder  . You tubes and other movies  


Part one

Part two!

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

Part seven

Part eight

Part nine

A new website Of a Friend I made because of my own website - January 10, 2011

It is my great pleasure  to introduce a new friend to you all .

Wayne  Becker. Here below are his website. And they are sure worth whil to investigate

They are located  on Url's for friends  In the folder other sites 

These are the websites of Wayne

and this one a well

Alien Space Ship on the Moon - January 08, 2011

To my English readers  .. I have this story . only in Dutch .. so sorry

Art .

The title is Alien spaceship on the Moon..., Oh we found it  .. 

Hallo there . my friend found the same article  . In english as well  .

Here it is for our English Speaking friends

Art .

will come in the news letter .

To all my Dutch Visitors    My friend Hall  found this today .

Buitenaards ruimteschip op de maan


UFO Material - Pictures. Near The Sun And Others - January 04, 2011

Hallo everyone . Happy New year  ..  

My friend Hall . changed the layout  of the of Spaceships near the sun  .. 

With a New Script ..  

For much better viewing . And less searching  . 

On the front page it is in the folder called    Ufo Material- Pictures 

When you click on it you get this .   Art

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