December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems From Dust to Dust January 13, 2010

This article has some different views. It needs a bit more work on it but I don't want to hurt anyone. These are my own thoughts and not from any books.

Our mind, with the help of our brain, can create a complete story. It can, and will, do this even when presented with only one true fact. Here is an example of this. Several times I have had what I call spine chills. Whenever I get these I immediately fill in the missing pieces with old folklore that is stored in my memory. This storage of information is filled with stories from my childhood that my dad, mom, and especially one of my uncles told me when I was just a child.
These chills soon became the setting of some dead spirit being around me or even passing through me to create this feeling. So, the spine chill was definitely a real experience but the rest of the story came from memory and the memory may or may not be very true. At Halloween the sight of a pumpkin and children dressed up in their costumes brings from the memory all sorts of ideas about what Halloween really is. Some of these thoughts are conjured up from old movies, and Halloween scenes, from my early childhood. To see the pumpkin and the costumes is a real fact but to bring into my thoughts from my memory the many ideas about Halloween and its beginnings are only partial truths based on ignorance.
These chills are worth examining. What causes them is not really known even within the medical circles. They are what we used to call goose bumps and can be made to come on anyone. I do it a lot with my dog Buddy. He loves it when I run my finger down his spine. He comes back for more as I usually give him some attention and some scratching like all dogs love. In reality this makes him happy, nothing else. With people it may be from our memory that the chills start, for our memory is filled with such nonsense about the unknown. A creepy feeling will be easy to have if we walk through a cemetery at night because the stories are there in our memory and they are added each day from what we see and read. As a child the goose bumps was but a reaction to the cold and they were there so we would shiver, as this is part of our bodies' way of preventing too much cold.
Our memory is filled to the brim with all sorts of material most of which is only someone's idea about some happening or object, but these memories will fill in the gaps of any circumstance that you experience. Therefore most of what people think is relatively untrue except for the happening that promoted the rest of the thought pattern.
We are able to draw from this unseen place the material that we need to make something sensible out of some truth we experience. It is as if we are compelled to add to some simple event enough material to make it into a story that we feel we must convey, regardless of whether the real truth is there or not.
By times I believe that while driving our automobiles there have been close calls. Here is an example, such as almost losing control of your vehicle but able to steer or brake or a combination of both. After this close call picture yourself sitting on the roadside and think about what went through your mind. At one time I would have said to myself that some Angel, or God, had something to do with this. Many Religious people will immediately fill in the story with material from their memory instead of just being happy that they were not injured and that there was no damage done to their vehicle. The story in all reality is not a big one if we leave it with just the truth.
Some days I have seen within my peripheral vision some light colored wisps of light. This view of vision is only to acknowledge that something moved just out of range of our normal vision is noticed. In reality we don't know just what it was, perhaps a reflection from our glasses, if we were wearing them, of some reflection from an object in that range of vision. However my memory has stored many reasons for this from guardian Angels, Angel guides and spirits of light.
This remains also for those dark clouds or spirit mists that are dark and brings out from my memory banks images of evil Angels, demons and many other forms of the Devil, all of which were placed into my memory many years ago from church, schooling and books written about the supernatural. This then, is what our mind can do. It can take what is required from our memory to make a story of some happening within our peripheral vision into a story filled with myths that fit into our main belief system.
We were born Atheists
Most of us were born without any knowledge. We had some of the basics of babies. We could suck and cry but little else. Gradually we added skills to our hands and eyes and after some months we would associate sound and faces with those we were living around. There was no God, Devil Angels or any other invisible beings or Entities in our lives. Generally we were happy if were fed and made comfortable and we were Atheists.
In a short time we were given words and ideas to add to our memory. Then we became carriers of information from mom and dad and perhaps siblings. Such information programs our fertile minds with storage of many words and circumstances. This then is where we become programmed. After a year or two we can retrieve the material submitted into our memory in an instant. Some people can remember from their earliest moments and others can remember only events from about three years old. There are some people that have the ability to remember way into the past.
Our memory becomes filled at these early ages with things that are just not true, in fact most of what we fill our memory is only partial truths. When we attend school we cram many more partial truths into our memory storage area. The area is vast but not necessarily within our bodies or our brain. Our brain has the ability to process information for recall much like a computer. Information that is stored in this memory can be recalled in an instant when we are young, however as we age it becomes a little slower, at least in my case it is.
A terrorist attack somewhere is a playground for our mind because we will drag from our memory many ideas of why such an event happened. For me at this time, as there is a flurry of attacks there is also many reasons that will form in my mind. One reason that I know now is that it is not something done by any God. It is an act of terror done by someone that has had his mind filled from childhood about this imaginary God that is calling on their services to promote the one and only true Religion. What a shame it is for our society to still promote terrorism by promoting Religion.
The people that do these things are not Atheists. They are people that are directed by their beliefs to do such things. The God of their Religion, although non-existent, has demanded these terrorist deeds. And in retaliation the other God of their beliefs will bomb them out of their bones, and such is our world today. Our world is filled with a little reality but lots of untrue and mythical beliefs.
To have truth within my memory is not an easy task. It has taken me many years of study and research to find truth. It has been so very easy to fill in the blanks with material from my memory as this I did for most of my life. Today though it is getting easier because I know that I have been filled with memories bordering on truth but in reality are nonsense. So each time something happens it remains for me to decide if it is reality alone and not needed to fill in with something from my past memory. Reality is short but true.
It goes on today as much as ever that we fill our memories with thoughts that are just not true. These thoughts are created and promoted by the movie makers, Politicians and Religion as well as the education system. They create material that is the substance of our memory banks. They use fear as one of the big tools to trick our minds into believing and people will grasp unto these bits of un-truths and place them into their memory. Even if it is a movie that is ridiculous with what it shows, these scenes can surface each time a bit of something unexplained happens in your life. It can surface so fast that it will alter the actual reality of what has happened so that we become unsure of the reality and succumb to the unreality from our memory.
We have been subjected to phrases that have changes the concept of so many things that the reality of it is just not there. A phrase like "In the beginning" gives us a false idea that everything must have a beginning and an end. So we are left with this idea that changes the whole course of history for everything we can imagine. Everything we can fathom evolves from one that is with insufficiency's to one that overcomes these insufficiency's. This I believe is going on in Galaxies right down to the smallest particle and groups of particles. It is instinct within everything to survive and to improve and it is done because of previous experiences. So if there was no previous experience there would be no improvement in anything. This then is saying that I have lived before and that in my present composure I have instinct to survive and better myself and my surroundings.
From our memory banks there are ways of manifesting some things into a reality that is altered but yet powerful enough for people to seek out and pray to Gods and beings that never existed. These beings have become so real even that they were placed into our memories well knowing that their existence can't happen. These beings "Entities" can and will take control over a person so that whatever they do it will be done under the supervision of their Guide, God, Angel, Alien, Entities and many other fabrications that dwell within our minds.
Memories are not only addicting but want to become a partner in your reality. They are like beings that you have produced and gave life to. They are dangerous and can cause all sorts of things to happen such as mass murders, suicide and have a person become so mentally ill that they become hospitalized. These imaginary beings can, and will, destroy us if we let them surface along with reality.
There are thousands of people that don't even realize that they have been taken over by something that doesn't't exist except in their minds. You will hear them say that their guardian angel had helped them to make some decision, or their guide did something for them. Their lives are run by these fictitious entities so much that if the traffic light turned green it is the act of an Angel or if it turned red it was the work of a demon or the devil.
The Goblin in the Closet.
When I was a child my dad used to frighten me by saying that there was a goblin in the closet. This has had a life long effect on me causing me many a time of being scared out of my wits. Dad didn't't realize that this would have had such an effect on me or he would never have done this to me.
This writing is from my own observations and research into these matters. There are still some unexplained matters that I have not addressed at this time, as I still have to reason them out so that I can see just what they have in merit. Some of these are seeing a ghost that communicates a message that I find out after five years was true. Another is the anomaly of orbs ectomist that appear on photographs and are captured by digital and video cameras. If I hadn't't had these few experiences happen to me I would have said they were just mind tricks.
In summary I feel that everyone can only relate to something from his or her mind, or memory, that is complete and makes good sense to him or her. It has to be the truth as much as they can portray. The lightning bolt that hits a church steeple is completing a circuit nothing more, nothing less. It is but a spark. However there was one time after I had just left a Catholic Church and while driving I saw this very thing. My mind immediately produces a much bigger story about how God finally saw the light and smote that church. I was elated over this, but in reality it was a spark.
The information that we have available to us is massive and I believe it can come from the minds of many people, but the trouble is, this material is mostly false ideas that have been placed into these vast storage facilities. Every movie, book, video that we see or read will be stored into this great chamber from our earliest years. With me there is a lot of memory available to fabricate a real impressive story about just about anything, but is what I relate the truth? Well it is to me because if it didn't't make sense to my mind I would re-arrange the information till it did.
For so many years we have related stories to each other based on something mythical but not anything with scientific value to it. These stories have been coming from Religion at Religions beginnings and now have entered into the government and the nations of the world. We are living in a time of chaos that has been perpetuated from early history to this day, and we indeed are faced with the consequences of these thoughts.
It is time to cut it out and start relating things that are the truth and this is not an easy job. It will be very difficult but it can be done if each and everyone just relates truthful stories.
Some consideration should be given to what we call the afterlife and the spirit world. Perhaps as a person dies and decays the molecules and atoms that composed that person are now allowed to become part of the earth again. As I am not very scientific I can't explain very well, but these atoms may be the spirit mist sometimes called ectomist as well as the orbs that are being photographed these days with the new digital cameras. Perhaps we are living in the heavens of the earth and very much attached to the earth and the spirits which may be these atoms are really having a ball with us.
So just where is this information stored? I believe it is stored in our surroundings and the air we breathe. It may be in the form of the minutest molecules of atoms, but it is not necessarily stored in our brain. Our brain I believe is what can accumulate information from memory to manifest in words and sentences that will satisfy us with statements we believe are true.
Our thinking, even though influenced from our subconscious, can be cleared from the maze of our memories and the area of storage of material. A method that I use for this is to overcome my subconscious mind and memory by listening to certain types of music. Usually it is music without vocals as any vocal music can produce images in your mind. Instrumental music is what I use to come up with ideas that are without the bias of memory. This allows me to think, and thinking like this can bring out many new ideas that are not from the great storage area of the subconscious. While I am writing this article my mind is in control because this music eliminates everything else but what I feel I must write.
Through the power of our subconscious mind we can create other realms and realities which can influence our daily lives. One of these other realities is the afterlife. This is what I lived with for many years. It was an afterlife that ruled my thinking, ever changing from Religion to Religion and book to book. When I started to do some real thinking there were some things that started to open up about the afterlife. One of these things is that we create this place within our minds and it becomes so real that its existence can't be over ruled by the carrier of it. It becomes a real place filled with the spirits of the deceased that for many can communicate to them.
We have made this Heaven from our memories of our deceased kin folks and the material that has been placed there from all our previous beliefs. It is a real place for those that believe it. One of the problems is with this way of thinking is that it probably is just not true or real in any physical sense. Thus we claim that spirit realms cannot be measured against the material (physical).
Let me try to explain some of the possibilities that I have found. When a person dies and they decompose in many different ways from burial to cremation, their remains in the form of atoms are still part of the earth. Every atom is still part of us and with these atoms there is a personality even though spread throughout the earth part of us still remains.
We have come up from this earth and we have gone back to this earth which brings to mind the saying from "dust to dust". "From dust we came and to dust we will return". In time we will again present our personality to the world in a new body. It will come on the earth and have within its atoms the desire to make a lifetime better than it was previously. We then will have evolved and we will be physical in the present as in the past.
When we see spirit, and I and many others have seen this many times, we are seeing personalities composed of the atoms left of personalities that have lived before. When our personality is ready it will seek out the mother and father necessary to bring forth what we see as a new birth. Although invisible to the naked eye it still is very physical, and is part of the earth that we walk on.
The ability to retrieve information that has been given to the earth through death and remains within the walls and buildings can be accessed by people that can use psychometry. It is well known that information remains within areas that people have lived in and can still communicate this information through a psychic person.
Our planet the earth is our heaven. The Indians knew this and had great respect for the earth. Whether there are places that are not on this earth where we will reside as spirits I don't know, but the only God that I know at this time is the earth I walk on. All the other Gods have been made up by our minds from the great storage place of the subconscious mind. It is vast and filled with thoughts of every person that has lived on this earth, so when we seek information we may be seeking something that never existed except as a thought of someone else.

Wayne ©

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