December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems To God or not to God August 14, 2010

                                             TO GOD OR NOT TO GOD

                                                By Wayne Sturgeon





Hello everyone:

It appears that there is some difference in opinion about whether there is a god or not. My thought on this is as follows. I believe in God as the soul of the universe. Everythying there is has its soul and many living things have a spirit also with a soul.

Everything there is has the soul of God therefore everything there is is divine or carries this divine capability within its self.

For years I wrestled with this subject and gradually came to the place where I found Religions or belief systems held us back in our thinking. Such as what I believe must be within the covers of the Oahspe or the Bible.

Once I shelved all these books my thinking became different. To me it was far from what I based my writing on, The hardest barrier was that the Elders held a bond on me which also kept me within their thinking. So recently I shelved the Elders with the hundreds of documents given us.

The last six months I have tried to channell the Elders but with little success. Some of the articles are just a paragraph or so, but I could not channell the Elders.

Around this time I was thinking about freedom. I was reasoning the authencity of Freedom. This is talked about through every church and Religion and it gives you the chance to reason within these walls of belief. Freedom to write and do what you want within the walls.

My freedom to write now is making my articles different then what they were. The inner voice that we were told about for so many years is giving me very clear messages and it dictates to me what it wants to write about. The voice is alone and seems to be coming from behind me.

I don't think that the belief in God or not has much bearing on worldy matters. The belief about a God that has personified still gives it the human as a man sitting on his heavenly throne. My belief is just the same but without  the personal part. I believe in god as I understand God and its a little different that what some are believing.

I now have real freedom and my writing shows this it is like a new path. This freedon also allows me to revert back to some of my previous beliefs. This is why I said I shelved the holy books, but there still there on the shelf.

Now I feel the presence of God and I know that I am a person that acknowledges that God part within me


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