December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Skinny dip February 20, 2013


The day was hot and humid

The evening promised cool

I walked around my garden

To the East side of my pool

The perfect time to cool me

And rinse sweat and brine

Splashing wild my body

To the girl next doors delight

My nakedness displayed

To such a beautiful maid

Within a fleeting minute

Her calling voice I heard

I would like to join you

That’s if you say okay

Around the cedar hedge

A naked body came

A wonderful sight

On this hot night

It made my body squirm

Two naked bodies with

Anxious In our eyes

We swam so close together

Our bodies now we feel

And uncontrolled desire

Brought the climax to the edge

I laid my body first

And hers began to ride

Like a cowgirl breaking a pony

Without missing a stride

Our bursting love exploded

Down by the cedar hedge



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