December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Keys to Freedom January 13, 2010

Original date: 2/03/2003


What has been anticipated for many years now is coming into reality. The keys to freedom, from law that bind both mortal and Angel, now unlock the realms of freedom. The tremendous overflow of regulation that was intended to enhance the condition of mortals now has restricted growth. The keys now have been given to us to use at our discression. They can unlock those doorways and clear the way into the Heavens yet un-created.

We can be aware that we are part of the One All Light thus no less a child of God family. Although we are not in fullness of development, we have the power to call together those that direct and aid us in the dispensation of healing. For it is the time now for the birth of the complete man. The depth of darkness is now showing in every aspect of our development because of the breeding of greed.

Doctrine has been the device that brings down nations. The very subject that was to bring man upward has turned on him by misuse. The messages of the prophets of old have been distorted, to have mortals needing salvation, through a set of beliefs that come from the shrewd thinking man. The same messages are now being transmitted to mortals and will manifest in groups such as the Society. The shabby devices of mortals to control by fear are no more being believed as the words lack potency.

With each heavenly kingdom comes now the key to freedom. The means to think and rise above that, which has chained him to darkness, is realized at this time. When these words to mortals and Angels find their way to those locked in walls of belief the doors will open and the walls lower. The doors, windows and the views will draw to the light of our creations that are ever becoming more refined by creative thought.

The dwellings of Angels, as we will be, are now being built by the thoughts of mortals as we live and think and are free of restriction. The beauty of the kingdoms, combined with love, unfolds daily. Heavenly manifestations are these dwellings suitable to kings and queens of the heavens. Not one piece of the heavens will be overlooked, but each and every place of self-confinement will be opened. The residents of these rooms will be instructed to higher realms by the creative refined thought of the Society.

The keys to freedom being first used by mortals now are transferred to Angels. The workings of the Divine now within the hands of Mortals and Angel guides will shape the destiny of the world. It is the freedom, with the power of humility that brings about the plan of the heavens. The building continues as each moment reveals the master plan and the direction now towards the light of the higher thought. No more dwelling places for the guilt ridden, as the tapestry and the fabric of time have been made as new and cleaned from past errors. Bringing forth the true Human Being. No more self-imposed prisons created by earthly thoughts of doctrine that made these dwellings.

Please freely use the keys to open up and disclose the path of the greater thought. Use them to open every closet of darkness created by the cunning of the masters. Give them to those that were supposed to be our trusted servants to be an example of goodness. Let them open up their own doors of the rooms of discord and discontentment and be not their own prisoner anymore.

We will draw the power and the courage from our surroundings to continue the Society to bring the keys of freedom to Human and Angel.

Blessed you are and sufficient to the day.

The Elders
Through Wayne

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