December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems The edge of darkness February 20, 2013


Today before me a dark void.

My life will not run like this

Behind me the puzzle of memory

Being surrounded by mystery

This heart wrenching condition

As seen by others differs

The condition for me is

Like a lost limb

That chills my imagination

The effect to others

Even to ponder memory loss

Conjures the act of aging

With disease and mind ability

To resolve this problem

Will be the last of many other

Problems before that were solved

In their time be it long or short

Already a plan to rebuild my loss

And install the necessities

Like everyone needs a friend.

Friends are not like taking a number

And satisfy yourself with the company

When we see someone entering your life

It is the result of continuing

Guidance from powers unseen


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