December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Comfort and Chummy January 13, 2010

This has given me something
to think about.It has helped me

Original date: 12/30/2009

Take comfort

That you are a child of God

And that you are where you should be

Believe you are guided in every action

Do not judge, accept life as reality

Do not be dismayed by misery and suffering

Is it not these two companions?

That God moves mankind forward?


chummy7 wrote on Dec 28

We start as a cell in a darken room
We travel through changes in a watery realm
Like fish in the ocean deep
It is strange indeed that we survive
As we are carried around in this floating tomb
No will of our own to decide our fate
Yet we arrive all mucky and crying
To a world in trouble that we inherit
So much to do for each such born
That life is a wonder we survive at all
Then wonders do appear to each in turn
As we choose our journey for the years ahead
No need to worry if it ends abrupt
The end is only the beginning of a life
In a dark room again but not in an ocean
But in colours galore where we can sore
Through valleys and rivers as clean
As the thoughts of the one at the beginning
To start again on a road of discovery.


I look forward to Truth being set free.

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