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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Law January 13, 2010

Original date: 06/25/2004

Law - The Necessity or the Consequence

I would like to address the subject of law, and bring to our attention some of the truths, and the consequences, of this principle of control. Law has become a massive force that is within the foundation of Government, Religion and most of the institutions that we have today. It is looked upon as a necessary tool for the preservation of our society, and, it has become a tool to control the masses for their own good. This is what we have been trained to do, and that is to see that law is for the overall good of society. The law has become imbedded within all of us in the form of commandments that have been memorized by us, and signs, that show us daily that we are indeed controlled by law.
From the early beginnings the Law has been there, and the dire consequences of not adhering to it walks hand in hand with the Law. It is the judgments imbedded within the Law that have been in force from the formation of the law that have become the main problem that exists with law. Along with Law and judgments there is degrading condition of fear, the companion of guilt, which is instilled into humans.
Humans were never intended to be under any law, because from our early beginnings, Law was only intended for the animals. It was for their protection, propagation and survival that laws were established for animals. This was the law for animals, and to kill and to have the law of the jungle was for their own benefit. Survival of the fittest was the way to maintain the best of the species in the animal world.
The human species is different, and all the animals, and the many products provided by the earth were subject to humans. It was in the second race of Adam that we assumed the upright stature and the animal characteristics slowly became un-necessary. Because of this, the humans were given freedom that allowed them to grow and mature into beings that would evolve into the directors of the earth. The earth became the dominion of humans and the freedom was a gift from our creators. And humans walked upright knowing the existence of the creative force and the need to preserve this for the development of the human species. Everything dwelled within divine harmony, as judgment was not there, and man became the loving gentle being for which his dwelling suited. The mists clinging closely to the earth, like a blanket, to keep the birth chamber in an ambience fit for children of God. 

Laws Became Established

It was freedom that separated humans for animals and humans had the ability to think, reason and to evolve in a manner much higher in grace and stature than all of the animals. The freedom and liberty of thought was a virtue that made humans a loving caring species that cared for the less able in the race, and provided love for all young and old.
As humans became systemized and organic the need to set procedures was established as there were groups that still held onto the animal system and acted in much the same manner as the animals did. It was seen, by some, that the animal traits were becoming a problem and the elders of the times set about to make guidelines.
The guidelines that were set forth to have the higher attributes develop within the humans were used by some people to promote their own ideas. They did it with the best of intentions, but soon it became a regulation of humans that employed judgments and consequences. It was done with the mindset that this was to be the best way to keep humans from being violent and animal like. It was done and it was best for all. And at that time the freedom gift from our creators was removed and it was replaced with judgment of what is right and wrong, or what was good or evil, and the consequences were imbedded into Law.
It was something that should have been implemented as guidelines, for a time of upheaval, for the benefit of all humans and animals. Law then became a tool and mortals became organized, and communities were developed and Law and order were to be guidelines. Law became such a vital force that it became a BEING, and it was respected, idolized and worshiped to this day, with fear and trembling and admired as a good thing.
The Law, and the power it contained, became misused and set greed in motion because freedom was removed. To this day, law and freedom walk the earth together, ever dividing and separating because of the judgment of law. Where harmony is but a dream, and loving acts are controlled by law that first nurtures itself with the nourishment of taxes and revenue as its food and fuel.
Law became the mingling of the clay with the iron that is in this day a solid substance in appearance but the weakness bonded within. During the time of great stress the weakness of the law will be uncovered because of the crumbling of the institutions that were formed from this mingling of law with freedom.
It is entangled into all of our systems having the look of being solid but entwined with layers of the clay of law. This is within the many forms of law from certificates of certification to licenses and regulations of our society. But this form of law has its strength in itself, and is not for the good of the people, and indeed, many times it is contrary to reason but strong enough to appear solid for the people that have faith in such matters.
The real good is removed by having the certification of people come above the qualification that they have and no concerns are given to the end result. Therefore the lives of many people are in the hands of certified, but unqualified, people causing many unnecessary deaths because we are in the hands of the unskilled but certified personnel. 

A Community of Freedom

The present society will continue with Law as its master and this is the only way that it will be. It is entrenched within the system and those that see the folly are as outcasts. This is the turning point for the present system. It is where the old system will run its course, and deplete the resources so much that institutions will become useless. Many people will see that our freedoms have eroded away but will not know where to turn. They are overworked, and the amount of support they give to the system is out of proportion to what they are receiving from it.
It is a spiraling structure that will topple, with the greed at the top becoming so heavy that it is starving the support from below. Bringing about a community of freedom will be met with opposition from every level of law and government, and the task ahead can only be met using people that have succumbed to the old system and place their efforts together building a new community of freedom.
The way is not clear, as the old light will linger, till the new light of new ideas become a reality. To have a community that is without law, at this time, will undoubtedly be taken as sheer stupidity by the masses and a waste of time and money. However this community will develop and there will be no stopping it because we are creating it with our thoughts and actions. We are dedicated to bring about a world that will be of complete freedom, with as little regulation as necessary till humans evolve to the level of non-judgment.
Every aspect of our present society will have to be scrutinized before anything similar is introduced into the new community. The needs will be addressed first of the people, so that they will never lack for the basics of living in comfortable surroundings. That the guidance in health, education and all of the committees be from the experts of the community dedicated to the needs of each other. As the growth of the community increases the need for minor regulations will be there but in the form of freedom without any judgment. The options, as the communities grow in numbers, will be sufficient to meet the needs of any that desire to live there. There will be areas to suit the needs of the young and the old and a harmonious standard will be what we strive for with little law or regulation. Without the fear of having money in reserve, people will not harbor thoughts of greed, as the wealth of the community is theirs. Their days will be filled with happiness because their needs will be met and their desires fulfilled.
Opportunities will abound to bring forth a community that is self-sufficient and is run by the residents. The new ideas will unfold to meet the new community. A community of comfortable dwellings that are made from material recycled instead of depleting our present resources. A balance of living will be part of the society where the necessity of overworking will no longer be necessary and the enjoyment of the community can be part of the life of the dwellers. The labor will be for us to meet the basics, and the community will provide for the future, meeting the needs of the elderly without concerns of having a retirement savings as it is presently.
When people have all they need without the chance of losing what they have they are living with a shroud of personal protection. The community protects them because the community and the assets are theirs. The fear of having no food or a comfortable home and time and the ability to go about exploring those avenues of interest that develops a mind of peace security because of knowledge now available to all. This brings people to a level of satisfaction and the desire to help those that may be struggling for the same security.
With all our needs met the need for hoarding assets in any form is not of much concern as it is not necessary. This condition will eliminate greed brought about by being insecure and the need to store up for a rainy day becomes unnecessary. It would be unreasonable for a person to feel that the accumulation of wealth in any form is necessary and it will no longer be found within the new community. The fear will not exist and without fear the act of judgment becomes of no value. This condition produces harmony and the need to promote living to the fullest and in conditions like these very little regulation is required
The organization of a community will be essential and committees with rotating members will be the councils dedicated to providing for the ever-increasing growth of prosperity. The variety will be of such a great choice that there will be a place suitable for everyone to accommodate their needs and fill their desires. Councils will promote the liberty and freedom always over law or regulation. With no law then no crime to be judged and penalties nonexistent and fear will leave. A community of happy people living in harmony can happen ant for that cause I am dedicated.

This document contains channeled material from The Elders and is written by Wayne Anthony

July 25th, 2004 all rights reserved.