October 02, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Heaven and Hell (Poem) January 30, 2010

I had to go to Heaven
To learn about my hell
One night two angels took me
When I wasn't feeling well
They told me not to worry
But just to hold on tight
Cause they were going to show me
Something on this special night

Out of bed my spirit got
By two angels arm in arm
On a journey I was taken
Through the still of night
We glided through the evening mist
To a place where spirits dwell
But what I found out later
Was that they were in their hell

We looked down through the rooftops
Of many walled up rooms
And they were full of people
Yes, many lonesome souls
Most sat around some tables
And looked down to the ground
Across they're many faces
Not one smile was to be found

Now down and even closer
Into this room we went
It did have many windows
And doors just one or two
I said unto the angels
They looked like tormented souls
The angels said, there free to leave
The choice is up to them
These are the buildings they have made
while living on the earth

Some of them had prayer books
And beads and bibles too
It is there own opinions
That has placed them here
The time that in this place they dwell
Is really time just spent in hell
But all is not lost in this place
It is a place of learning
And freedom is there to end despair
Because their soul is yearning
They then will walk out
From these walls
And tread on some new paths
Their smiles will be upon their faces
As they are led to different places

The Angels said don't fear my friend
The choice is up to you
The boundaries that you build on earth
Will follow with you through
Follow just your own true thoughts
And make no boundaries please
Just follow that most inner voice
It will lead you to better trails
So your spirit will live with ease


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