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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Weather Woman (Poem) January 31, 2010

Original Date: 11-18-2004

It was early Monday morning
The sky was truly rude
I sat before the TV set
To satisfy my mood
The weather woman came into view
And this is what she said
Here is what we have for you
Its warm way down in Dallas
Her calf brushed on Arkansas
A cold front from the artic
Will soon be here today
Her Bosoms rested neatly
In the middle of Hudson Bay
Her hair was under Whitehorse
Fort Churchill at her back
And she said to us so cunningly
"Looks like winter is here to stay"
She turned and faced the west
And glanced to me again
With Saskatoon on her finger tip
And Winnipeg on her hip
She smiled and told me one more time
That the temperature will take a dip
She twirled again so gracefully
And faced the East once more
Her lovely waist in the Maritimes
With her rear in Quebec's door
No matter what the weather
The cold or snow or pour
Her smile was worth the wait
Then she walked across the floor.
Looking through the window
Her forecast now at stake
A little snowflake tumbled down
Beside the garden gate
She winked at me and told us all
That she would return again at eight
I think I'll sit and watch TV
And wait for her return
The smile she had and the wink or two
Is certainly worth the wait

Wayne Anthony

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