December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Blender (Poem) January 29, 2010
When looking at my monitor
A place to spend some time
A window opened up for me
And yes I was in time

The last days of a special
To buy my favorite tool
And also lots of chemicals
To put into my pool

So many goods on special
It was hard to be believed
And surely not a shady place
For me to be deceived

I ordered all those specials
These things I just must have
To ease these little burdens for my wife
And a tool to clean my garage

A new window did appear
And the message it was clear
Your cards are now above
The limit you have here.

The blender though
Looked good to me
And well within my reach
I ordered it and a day or two
On my doorstep it did set

I opened up the package
And placed near the plug
Then all those plastic credit cards
Made the mechanism chug
I kept on putting in
All those credit cards

I switched the switch
From crunch and grind
And moved it to puree
A good decision had been made
And filled my heart with glee

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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