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Announcements Announcements 2014
Spirit Films by Medium Sylvia Howard From 2011 - January 08, 2015

Happy New year all of you   . I sure Hope you use those  Announcements   . I mean  just drop in now and then  If i get more response  I will give more announxements and information  .   


 I want to tell you that I have a lot of Spirit films from Medium Sylvia Howard from England  .   You can ask for them  a few, or a lot  .  But just by e-mail  to me from   the site  . Or to my private e-mail   .  I have a way to send large file to your mail adress  . These films  sure proof that there is real life after dead  .  It proofs it without a doubt .  So i expect some mails  from you  .   Art .  

new ufos oct 2014 - October 14, 2014

  new very good ufo films  in oct 5 and oct 13  2014  .  

on my website   in peru  .  and  armenia  .  On my website  in the map:  new ufos films 2014 

https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos    armenia is a whole fleet  . of disc  . very neatly film  bby girls  . you can realy see that they are disc  . and moving independently from each other  art 

New ufo films uploaded . - October 05, 2014

New ufo films uploaded today    in folder  ufo material -ufo videos   New ufo films 2014  .  art 

contact with art - October 04, 2014


Hi All Members  


. When something is puzzling you  , or you have a question  . or you need personal help   or how to surf my website , for anything really  .  you can reach me ,   at this Email Adress.     Art     esotericbooks@deds.nl

I was not very pleased with my own explanation  .  To make contact with me  . there is another way  . 

on my front page  . on the top. you see a heading     About   there you can open a contact form  to me  it says contact me  . there you can ask your question  or inquiery  .  and just send it out  and i will find it  , and be able to help you better  .   please someone  give it a try  .  i never found an email as yet  .  Art 

site is in full working order . ip had changed - October 03, 2014

. Niw ufo film have been added  . To ufo material Ufo videos  . in the folder  New ufos 2014   art 

Have some ufo films to show - September 13, 2014

Hi Everyone  have some ufo films  to show  you  . from the last month    Art 


watch my you tube if you like  

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCG-8OfmMtQNYs1BmsrQ7og    sucribe,  than click on videos     art 




new announcement Very Important News - August 11, 2014

The Ethereans are here  . Arrived last week  . and started to clean out the dark Forces  out of our hells  .  Just watch what is happening on earth  . Watch those evil Doers  . The isis  forces of darkness . The have their last fling  .  Soon they will be gone  . 


here is the spaceship that brought the ethereans to earth  . watch closely  . It is a very big ship  carries billion of angels  . 


 If you go and read in the book OAHSPe  . on this website  you can read what is happening now  . . If you want to know more  Mail me pls    Art

New Films And Videos - June 07, 2014

hallo everyone  . 

 Ufo investigations  . I am still active in that field   in the Map https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos

I keep a folder    "  new ufo films 2014  ""  and also a folder  " my own ufo films in 2014 " There you will find the new material from this year  .

also i do my own filming . Over Zwolle Holland, and they appear on this youtube site 

 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCG-8OfmMtQNYs1BmsrQ7og/feed?view_as=public.  give them a try  . and see what is new This year  . Art

SAATCHI ART - May 26, 2014

My Medium friend  . Sylvia    In England  , ask me , to ask you, to vote for her  . And her art work  .  please Help her .   here is the site 


Do you have complaints . Pls Mail Me - March 28, 2014


27 03 2014 .

Hallo everyone  .  I would like to know from all of you  . if there are faults  in my website  . If at any time4  you can not download something  , or open a folder or map  .  Will you please send me a mail  .  And I will try to fix it  I like to run a website  . that gives no problems  . And if there are  faults  . I can only find out if you mail me.    


  Thank you all   .  Art 

Ufo's spoiled our Hollidays - February 24, 2014

I downloaded a film that  some people  made  . their hollidays    Ufos chrashed my vacation   . some were abducted  .


just watch the film if you like  . It is in  folder  . New ufos  feb 2014  .  https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos  

Enjouy watching   . art . 

ufos and other films - February 22, 2014

Here are some ufos  and other films  


My friend Laszlo in Melbourne  . filmed a ufo  . later in the film an Army   helicopter  With a black Ufo above it  

first visible at frame 8.00


and a very nice film  . from my e-mail friends  


Please look at my Announcement page  . you will find these films    Art . 

two new ufo films Posted on feb 15 2014 - February 15, 2014

 Hi All.   

I posted two new ufo films for Feb 2014  . they are located  . in the map  Ufo material  Ufo videos .  

In the folder  . New ufo films feb 2014  .    art  .   One film was shot today  feb 15   2014   


The best way to open these films   Is Right click then , open in new Window  . In Dutch  it might say  Open in Nieuw venster 


My own ufo filming 2014 - February 04, 2014

 feb 4 2014.                       Hi  . Like to tell you  . that my films in the link ufo material ufo videos for download .

here  https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos  

i have a folder, called : New my own ufo filming 2014  there .   That i changed the film make up, from Mp 4  to Avi  .  They are now  good to view  . you can go right click to the option  . link open in new window  .   or . maybe in dutch it says  

link openen in nieuw venster  .  Go there  and you will be able to view them  .  . The 2e film  i apologise for some mistakes in writing  the under titeling  .   This was filmed through my front window  . in daylight  . 

some surprising  ufos appeared  . . Did not see any of this with the naked ey  .  Only some airplane  i could see the contrail  .  I hope to ad more films to that folder this year  .   Art 

Spirit orb filmed - February 03, 2014

Notice of new film     The Browns capture a ball of light  .

In this folder   https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/spiritvideos    . Posted today  . 


If the films  may not open  on your computer maybe  . Then right click   and take the option  . Go to a new window  .   In Dutch it say  . ga naar een nieuw venster  . if you click on that  it will start playing for sure  .


announcements 2014 for new material posted - February 03, 2014

It was brought to my attention  ., that i should anouce  In their website  . if i load up new  material to the website

So i am planning to do so  .  starting today  . 


New is  On my  ufo material  Ufo videos here :https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos

on here  . there are folders  . with the name  now  films for 2014  . I put films on there this year  . 

So if you check my announcement every week  . from 2014  . you might find new material  . I will make a new announcement if i post new films  .    Only there   i will post it  .  will not send out a newsletter each time  .  only today  .  art

Virus around dangerous - February 01, 2014

Hi All  warning around about a virus  . that come in via  e-mail  and uses face book as an excuse  .  

do not Open any message  , with the invitation to facebook  .  even if it is a good friend  . 

It contains a Virus  that calls it self  the olympic torch  .  And destroyes your hard disk  ,  I did write it like this  .  it comes from a good friens  and i do not want to paste in this message  .  look it up . by  htttp:snopes.com








Very important news About admission that there are Ufos - January 05, 2014

A speech . by an very inportant man in the world . Opening up about ufos
 art: here is the former Minister of Defence Of Canada . Who opens up about ufos . On 31 dec 2013 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRhQ24jHEes#t=103


This is what i have been waiting for . he lives in Toronto were i lived for 16 years . art 

Into the Blue very old stuff ., but it is all still working - January 03, 2014


 THis is all very old  Kept well  Machines   

I hope you will enjoy this  private show  .  And the best wishes for the New year  . from art 


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