December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Mohawk Mohawk January 13, 2010

Introduction by Art
Hi All, to whomever will read this manuscript.
It has come to pass with the help of Spirit people. Maybe even the ancestors of the Redman. Take it for what it is worth.
It was written for the Indians. Please consider it sacred and use it with the greatest respect. It will bring you back to your roots, Were it all began. With the GREAT SPIRIT. The only force in the Universe that is constant.  Art.
In Europa

Hello I may be your brother
Because of my mothers father
Whether I am kin I do not know
But this new story I must sow

This I have to give you
For it is for me to do
And that is this story, which is very true
Some came from another land
That was meant for them too

They thought they brought you knowledge
And a new way to live
But what they brought was murder
Because that is what they give

They told you that your pagan god
Would just have to go
And they then brought another
Yes it was like a man
A terrible blow that came to you
From a far and distant land

Now within this story you will see
That this god went from sea to sea
It turned you into heathens
For that is what they said.
This is what they gave you
A very ugly bed
Now how do I say sorry?
For what half my elders did
Because I am not a full Mohawk
I only half forgive?

Now the white men are called Christians
For they are mostly so
Also being sly and smart
Has caused you so much woe
And they did it with great treaties
And very little dough
But they're the ones that took your land
And to reserves you had to go

I now will re-introduce you
To and old ancestor of yours
Who also brought to you a message
To all your land and shores
His name was EA-WAH -TAH
And from the Great Spirit was sent

A tall and most gracious man
With a face of shining copper
At grade ninety-five he was

Ea-wah-tah, a North American, cotemporaneous with Po, Abram, and Brahma. He was taller than any other man, with a bright shining face of copper. He established amongst the North Americans of his time the worship of the Great Spirit, and his doctrines are still held by most of the tribes of North American Indians, who refuse to accept any other God or Savior. Ea-wah-tah established the United States of America, but called by the name O-pah-e-go-quim, or Algonquin. The model of his independent nations, united in one, was that which was adopted in the formation of the present United States of America by the whites.

The above paragraph is from the Oahspe
I will try to give you some history
Of this land in past
And present to you a challenge
That you will help make pass
The Mohawk knew this secret and kept it all along
Now let us try again to fix this land before it's gone
I have learned so much from you
It filled the gaps that were there
I learned some to from grandpa's lap
When he sat on easy chair
Now grandpa was a Mohawk but was not treated fair
I was not allowed to talk to him
But sometimes I went there
He was very close to nature
He even talked to trees
He told me the kind of trees
To pick the best of fruit
Then one evening when
He was sick in bed
He sat up and said
I now cross the river
I see all old friends there
And shortly they're after
He lay in bed and was dead

1.One Great Person, even Egoquim, Creator and Ruler over all in heaven and earth.
2. Him shalt thou have and no other God, nor Lord, nor idol, nor man, nor angel, to worship, forever!
3. Him shalt thou love above all things in heaven above, or on the earth, or in the waters of the earth!
4. And thou shalt teach him to thy children, and command them to teach Him to their children, and so on forever!
5. And thou shalt swear against all other Gods, and Lords, and idols, to serve them not forever! And the same to thy children, and to their children after them, forever!
6. And this is the first Egoquim law.
7. And thou shalt deal unto all men, and women and children, as justly and as kindly as to thine own mother, out of whose breast thou wert fed when thou wert helpless and of no strength.
8. Teaching this to thy children, and to their children after them, forever.
9. And this is the second Egoquim law.
10. And to the sick and helpless; to the stranger and the man that cometh afar; to the widow who is destitute; to the child that hath no father; thou shalt be both father and mother to them; and take them into thy house and feed them; and give them skins and cloth to wear; and if they be lost, thou shalt go with them and show them the way.
11. Commanding these things unto thy children, and to their children after them, forever!
12. And this is the third Egoquim law.
13. And thou shalt not tell lies; nor speak falsely against any man, nor woman, nor child; nor break thy word of promise, even though death come upon thee to induce thee otherwise. Unchangeable as the setting and rising sun shall be the word of thy mouth!
14. And thou shalt command this to thy children, and to their children after them, forever!
15. And this is the fourth Egoquim law.
16. And thou shalt not take and possess that which is another's; nor suffer thy children to do so, nor their children after them, forever.
17. Which is the fifth Egoquim law.
18. And thou shalt respect the times of woman; and when she is bearing unto thee, thou shalt not lie with her; nor give her heavy labor, nor angry words, nor fret her; but be obedient to her, doing whatsoever she asketh thee to do, for it is her time, and she is thy queen.
19. Teaching this to thy young men and to thy young women, and to theirs that come after them, forever; for their young are begotten of Me, and I will have them shapely, and strong, and brave!
20. Which is the sixth Egoquim law.
21. Thou shalt labor six days, but on the seventh day it is the moon's day, and thou shalt not labor, nor hunt, nor fish, but go to the altar of thy Creator and dance and sing before Me; and sit in silence to hear My words, which I speak into the souls of men, and of women and children.
22. Teaching this to thy children, and to their children that come after them, forever.
23. Which is the seventh Egoquim law.
24. Thou shalt restore the rites and ceremonies of Choe-pan and Annubia-pan on the part I swear thee which thou shalt not restore; which is: Thou shalt not flatten the head to make a seer, a Haonga, to drive the judgment of the brain away to the prophetic regions.
25. Teaching these things to thy children, and to their children after them, forever!
26. Which is the eighth Egoquim law.
27. Then rose up Eawahtah, Son of Egoquim, saying: I am Thy servant! Lead Thou me, for I am going in Thy name, even to the end of the world!
28. When thus spake Eawahtah, Son of the Great Spirit, a Light came over him, dazzling, brilliant, lighting the way, showing him the way.
29. And so great was the spirit on Eawahtah, that when he came to the river, he rose up like an angel, sailed over and landed safely on the other side.
30. Neither knew he whither he was going; knew not the places of the scattered, destroyed peoples.
31. And the angels of Egoquim went before him; went into the forests and valleys, calling to the souls of the suffering, starving, dying, saying to them in their despair:
32. Egoquim, the Mighty, is coming! His Son! Behold Him! He holdeth the keys of Yaton'te, the heavenly hunting ground. Come forth from your hiding! Come forth, O My beloved! It is your Heavenly Father calling.
33. And the women heard! The little children, with sore, bleeding feet! The proud, brave men gave ear! They said: Why do we fight? Why do we destroy? It was a wicked God! He called himself the Savior,--the wicked monster, I'tura!
34. Then came Eawahtah; came first to the kingdom of Took-shein, and to his queen, Che-guh, in the land Anagoomahaha, the flat-heads. Told them all the words of the Great Spirit, Egoquim.
35. Then spake Took-shein, saying: To me the Great Spirit hath spoken; told me all the words thou hast. I know all thou hast said is true. Then spake Che-guh, saying: To me spake Gitchee, the Great Spirit. True are all thy words, O Eawahtah. By thee will all the scattered tribes be gathered together. Many tribes will there be of the red man; Egoquim will be the centre, the Mighty Spirit!
36. Then spake Eawahtah, saying to his good host and hostess: Your place shall be the centre; from your place I will shoot out around about, always returning, bringing in followers.
37. Whilst they thus talked, a Light came above them. Look, said Took-shein: It is the hand of Egoquim! Look, said Che-guh: It is the Voice of Gitchee! Then spake Eawahtah, seeing more clearly, raised up expressly: It is a ship of fire coming down from heaven! I hear the voices of the angel of Egoquim, the Mighty!
38. Then Eawahtah went and stood betwixt Took-shein and Che-guh, holding their hands, so the Voice of Egoquim could speak plainly; so he could hear.
39. Then spake Egoquim, saying, speaking out of the ship of fire:
40. Yea, My beloved! I am with you! Behold, My worlds are wide and many. When My back is turned, evil Gods come to steal My children; tell them lies to win them; tell them they are My Sons come to save them!
41. Hard is the fate of those that worship one God only; but they are Mine. I look around at times; I set the evil Gods flying. Be of strong heart, O My beloved! Many races will come and go on these lands.   But the red man shall possess it: inhabit it far and near. Then shall come another evil God (Christ), to flay and destroy My sons and daughters, to cover all the lands over with pure blood. Then will I come again and rout the evil God, raise up My sons and daughters, full of glory.
42. From far over the water will I bring their kindred (Jews), who worship none born of woman; a wise speaking people. A people that war not; who kill not off weaker nations. I will come in the Mohawk (Tenonachi), and the Mohegan (Hoochiquis); My hand shall reach around the earth in that day. I will chase away all Gods and Saviors born of woman. Only the Great Spirit shall all men worship.
43. Go forth, My son; build wide My foundation; in this land will I found My earthly kingdom.
44. Then upward rose the ship of heaven; and Eawahtah buckled on his traveling slippers; bade good-by to Took-shein; filled his pockets with the bread of Che-guh; kissed her hand good-by, and started.
45. For many years traveled Eawahtah, over all the regions of Guatama; teaching, gathering together, swearing the people ever after to be firm to the Great Spirit: made them swear solemn oaths that never more would they listen to any God save the Creator; made them swear they would never be caught by another cunning Savior, like I'tura, whose people delight in war.
46. Into villages gathered Eawahtah the frightened tribes, and taught them writing and engraving; taught them the secret name of the Great Spirit, Egoquim; and explained to them the moon, how to keep the seventh day for worship.
47. The Creator saw the great work of Eawahtah; saw the people gathered together in tens of thousands of places. Then spake the Creator to Eawahtah, saying:
48. Forty mighty nations shalt thou found, O My son; and every nation shall be an independent nation; but all the nations shall be united into a brotherhood of nations, as one mighty people, and that one shall be called O-pah-E-go-quim, signifying one. For when I come in kosmon, My people shall have many states, like unto thine, and their combination shall be called Union, signifying one. Build thou a model for them, O Eawahtah.   For, though when they come they shall overthrow thy people in the earth, the angels of thy holy ones shall come and purge them of their Savior, and make them clean in My sight.
49. Then Eawahtah made the nations; united them into one mighty people, and called them the nations of Opahegoquim. And they planted the country over with corn-fields, and dwelt in peace.

Children taken from their homes
And no more let to roam
To schools they were taken there
To have better care
They were even made
To cut their long black hair
But I am very grateful
That I was never there

They even took their names away
And gave them different ones
This is best for everyone
Said Bishop Priest and Nun

We have found a better way
To save your pagan souls
That is through our Savior
Son of God and Lord
So you must never pray
To your Pagan God
Because if you do
There will be punishment
On that day for you

We will give you our Sabbath day
And no more your four moons
All dancing praying and smudging
This will surely have to stop

You were forced by scourging
To follow that false God Christ
To justify that god of theirs
They had to bring sin too
Now this is the challenge
That I give to you

And we can start today
To listen to that voice
That is oh so small
But it tells me what to say
That voice is the same within
And in all Mohawk's too
It will give instructions
For us what to do


Any time that I find myself being in a quite meditative mood, this thought comes to me. This is what it is. It comes in the form of a question. It says how can we have people get back to the Great Spirit, when another God is established in this country? Well let us take a look at what has happened to the natives that remain. First they have placed us into lands that are called reserves. The next thing is they try to bind you to a religion that has walls higher than the reserves. Then scare you into a belief of an everlasting hell fire for those who don't accept this god.

Now if this be so, then how is it that I have seen spirits of our dead ancestors that have come to me when I would think of them. I was lost in the woods one time and started to be a little afraid. At that moment I saw a face of some Native Chief complete with beautiful headdress. It seemed as if he were looking down from the sky. That inner voice said to follow him and he would show the way. But then he disappeared, but I traveled on any way because I didn't know if I was just seeing things of having a hallucination or something like that. Soon I came to another trail, now what I thought which one do I take? I looked down the trail and then saw about five hundred feet away that same face of the native. I then followed the path shown. Then he appeared one more time to set my direction and then I was home in a short while.

Now where did this man come from? Well the answer is that he appeared to me from the heavens. He must have traveled these same trails when he was alive on earth. Now it we look at what the Christian doctrine says, then this man should be in flaming fire as he was a pagan.

It doesn't take long to see the truth, that this religion is for sure not true. But yet is filled with people that are trapped. And they are trapped because of the ability for reason. Now reason cannot reside in a person if their beliefs have been made for them. These same people are our brothers and sisters that were created by the Great Spirit just like you and me.

It took many years of searching for something that Religion could just not do for me. I followed the different stories from the bible. But soon I became confused with all the different meanings that people could take from this book and all claim authority as the only word of God.


It was one summer evening in early August that I looked into the night sky. It was especially beautiful and not too many distracting lights. Margie and I both had this feeling that Religion was really of no value. We had the feeling of wanting and yearning for something that was missing. The message came in very clear to us that with God "Great Spirit" is by no means even attainable. It would be like trying to find the end of something that is constantly growing and getting larger. Me as a mortal cannot comprehend our Creator.

To be free for me is to be able to see the Great Spirit as a tree, and for me to stand proudly beside it and say that this is part of me and treat it with respect. Although now I must admit that it is hard for me to look at a tree and not see the number of cords of firewood in for me. It is only recently that I have come to the understanding that I am a part of the Creator. Just a small part of an unending Creation, that travels inward as well as outward.

Let us take them to our Church
That is open every day
And show them the Great Spirit
And the way that we now pray

The tree that stands proudly
Under the sky so high
Was given birth
From this earth
The mother of its soul
Now another secret now revealed
And wonderful to behold
But this was once foretold

The Great Spirit speaks to man
From objects with no tongues
His word cannot be written
They are always there
Written in the wind and stream and water
His words are always there

Now listen hard with all your might
This voice is surely there
It will come up from within
The one that brings with it the light
Soon you will easily know
The Spirits Voice
Because with it comes
Our own free choice

The Strangers Seed

The stranger's seed creates the need
For too much of fine wine
And many drugs of many makes
Our ways now do decline

A false sense of security
We were made to see
It gave us strength of a hundred men
But the brains of oh too few

Now with help that is from above
And also from within
We will rid this land of this curse
That seed of evil sin

A peaceful nation
Was overtaken
By this god of war
Their words and all their promises
We all do now deplore
Your children weep and roam the street
With nothing for them to do
With many it is the will to live
That faces the young braves now too

With no true paths
For them to walk
A stranger's seed
Became their friend
They lost all virtue to defend
And many met a needless end

The most powerful seed that we took
Was the one that took our thoughts
And told us in which way to think
It is because of this that we are on the brink
But not over the edge just yet

We all can now pull together
With our drum and feather
And show this stranger
The way that worked
To know the Great Spirit
That lives within

Let us clean up all our altars
And remove this awful mess
Of slime and air pollution
And in rivers it infests

This land has many rivers
That flow to ocean shores
Many cities on these water ways
Have become a terrible sore
It left us with water
That is now unfit to drink

Let us ask the industry
Just why they do exist
Ask them if it really is
For better lives to live

Or are they just making money
But not for us to give


1. God said: Hear the words of your God, O ye preachers, priests and rab'bahs; seek not to gainsay my words.
2. In times past, I had such representatives, and I said unto them: Go ye, preach my doctrines unto the inhabitants of the earth; make them understand the way of the Almighty.
3. And ye shall take neither money, nor scrip for your labor, but be an example of faith in the promises of God.
4. So, your predecessors went forth fulfilling my commandments.
5. But, behold what ye are doing in this day! Ye patronise the man of wealth; ye boast of the riches of your congregations!
6. Ye receive salaries, and ye dwell in fine houses; my doctrines ye sell as merchandise! Ye have fine temples and fashionable audiences, and ye curry favor with those who are in affluence.
7. Ye go not to the drunkard's den, nor to the unfortunate woman; these ye take not in your arms, saying: My brother, my sister, come with me, I will show you the kingdom of God!
8. Behold, I have come to you in spirit and in truth, but ye put me off, saying: Is not the first duty to one's own household? Is not self-preservation the first law?
9. Now, I answer you: These questions spring from the beast, and not from the spirit.
10. Neither availeth it you one jot or tittle, to rise at break of day and recite prayers all day, nor to say: God help the poor! or: Blessed art thou, my God!
11. When ye can not purchase one another by flattery, how hope ye for the favor of the Almighty, by praise and prayers and flattery?
12. Behold, the selfishness of man hath made the world like a house on fire! My little ones are in pain and suffocation.
13. Go, then, quickly, to them, and provide a remedy. This is the new religion I give unto you: Demanding sacrifice of you, and your congregations, of all ye have, that is not in use and actual need.
14. And ye shall judge the limit thereof, remembering that whosoever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven.
15. I have drawn aside the veil of death, your sons and daughters, your fathers and mothers, the dead and the living, stand face to face.
16. And the angels are testimony unto you, that your doctrines, as ye practice them, are a blasphemy against the Almighty.
17. Ye persuade yourselves and your congregations, that, after death, the soul shall go far away, and to an exalted heaven. But, behold, they that are dead are with you. They testify unto you by the thousands, and by tens of thousands, that ye led them astray.
18. The evidence of the work of heaven is at your door. Ye stand accused before the Great Spirit that ye practice not what ye preach; that ye fare sumptuously, and connive at sin; that ye preach what ye can not prove; by the angels of your own blood and kin, are ye accused.
19. Ye have no personal knowledge of heaven, and, in stubborness of heart, ye dispute with my seers and prophets, who can prove before you, they have power to see unseen things, and to hear that which ye can not hear.
20. Ye study spiritual things with your corporeal senses; neither have ye capacity to see and hear the spirits of the dead. How much less, then, shall ye presume to interpret the Great Spirit and his kingdoms?
21. Now, behold, I come in this era, not only to declare to you, that the time of preaching is at an end, save wherein it is practiced in deed as it is spoken in word, but also to prophesy to you, that many of you will give up your calling, and preach no more.
22. And your temples and churches and meeting-houses shall be turned into consultation chambers, to find remedies against poverty, crime and debauchery.
23. And the congregations shall be enrolled, and, at the meetings, they shall be inquired after, to see if they are in need. And they shall have volunteers, who shall go about seeking out the helpless and distressed.
24. So, that, instead of the congregations sitting to hear your sermons, they shall come as co-workers for the Great Spirit's children.
25. This is the new religion, which I give unto you; and, moreover, let it be a prophecy to you of the words of your God. For there is no such congreation this day in all the world; and yet, ere this generation pass away, this shall be proven before you.


The Longhouse has a steeple
And still is for the people?
Could this be the greatest
Wonder in the world?

Council's once there gathered
To discuss the village matters
And wisdom from
The Great Spirit they did get

Now within me there's a feeling
That this steeple made a ceiling
A place to stop our prayers
From getting through

The feeling now arising
To some is quite surprising
That this new idea
Just will never do

For when I go to longhouse
The Great Spirit to consult
A message given clear
To me today

The Longhouse is for the Great Spirit
And He directs me near it
And tells me never
Do I have to sit in pew.


Let us look, find and follow
The footsteps of the Great Spirit
Wayne Anthony

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