July 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Attraction January 13, 2010

There are many forces on this planet and many powers of natural order. The wind and the heat of the sunlight, the powerful force of the river and the water that can be used for man's benefit. One of the most powerful forces is the power of attraction. I don't mean the power of gravity that we accept today. What I mean is the power of man's influence on his brothers and sisters.

The attraction of the earth with all the dogmas, doctrine, rites, ceremonies, creeds, and superstitions has become like a glue to keep us bound to the old ways. These attractions are like an old roadway that has become worn through and has been patched up so many times its steadfastness has become questionable. Like an old iron bridge that has become rusted by age that it can no longer provide the safety that it once did.

These old roads were such security that they possessed the believers of them. They set their strength so deep that the people would die before finding another pathway. But there were other pathways from man's very beginning. But it was for the ones that could see into the future of his dominion of the earth. They were the prophets and the ones that chose to believe in a greater roadway. And their messages were given then to the people as good for them at that time.

Today we find there is a new attraction developing that has a counter affect, this is the new age that is rapidly becoming popular. There are so many people that are looking to improve their spirituality and develop their psychic senses it makes one wonder just why these movements happen. Well is it because the old ways are being outdated? I think that is partly right but because of scientific research the old ways are starting to prove untrue.

Humans are a different being now then when they were first created. They have grown and evolved into a more perfected species. That is we as man have the ability to grow into new ways, and shed the old ways like an old coat. But this attraction to the old still has a good grip on most people. There is no magic that will come and change this world into a world that should be a little better at this time.

Bloodshed and human sacrifice are still big drawing cards today. We are doing this daily under the name of war. We send out our youth to fight these wars and many of them will never see this land again. But still the attraction is there and we still follow the old ways.

It will take some great disaster or world war, which used to be called "An act of God" to get mankind to see reality. When man can look through his own tears as he see the destruction of his own family by some "Act of God" then he will reason. He will finally see that there is No God, but the works of man that have clung onto those old roadways.

There is however, a Creator that is comprised of every one of us and is present within everything there is. This is starting to be a truth for this day, that there is no God but A Creator. Now as man is now different from any species on earth, he is also responsible for many things. Man was placed in control of everything because of our ability to think and reason.

Today man is a new being, even different from a few years ago. The roadways of the past have not evolved with the same growth as man. But have changed very little except for changes that have bound people to the past even more. All of has happened because of man's dependency on each other for support. Man has had few leaders that have brought any upraising in their philosophy. But there were some, but they were totally rejected by society because they strayed form the old roadways.

Some of these Prophets and Leaders came to get us the freedom that man was supposed to have. But they were crucified burned and even sawn in half. Are we destined to the same fate if we think and use reason? Is there a new force now in what we call the new age that will overrule the old attractions? If enough people see the folly of the old ways, then the new ways will surely come. We indeed are ready for a spell of peace.