December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Lights out (Poem) January 29, 2010

Coming very soon
The world is on the brink
Of some terrible curse
Worse than what we think

What if all the lights go out
Then how do we survive?
Grab a candle and some food
And try to go and hide

The armies now in Heaven
Forming up their plans
A battle as never before
To descend upon the land

The day the lights go out
Means nothing is the same
To think that I will survive
Would surely be a shame?

Now more living in buildings
As only a few remain
The oil will go and with it take
Much of what remains

The turning point has now arrived
Most people don't even see
That we have gone a little too far
And only a few will survive

To witness this amazing time
Is knowledge at its best
Soon another World for me
A place for a little rest.

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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