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These sites are special or informative on the topics spoken of on this website. If you want to exchange links with me than Contact me.

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Life after Death

The  Mediumship By Sylvia howard  . Sylvia was given a  Corner of the computer  .  She ask for it  ,.

She was given that free of charge  .  And she  Has shown her  mediumship in a grand way  . Many sittings  in films of sittings , she have shown On the website In grand daylight .how gifted She has been in the past And still is  .   And our website has discovered  .  That all she shows  . Is very real and true  . And the website  Is obligated  to keep showing All these sitting , she herself have also shown on Internet From  Her great mediumship. As long the website will exist  . After all she shows what no other mediums have ever shown  .  Praise to Sylvia  Howard  

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