December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems MY PROPHECY January 10, 2013

.  A message  by Wayne  from the elders from Heaven  



               MY PROPHECY

Wondering if everyone will like this writing

But why should I wonder about this?

Well it matters not if right or wrong

For what I say is just my song

To tell to people the future

To me is given for all to see

Some events that lie across the sea.

And some of these right here to see

It’s not my wish this deed of need

But a wakening for all to heed

The Middle East with all its storm

Now soon will be a new land born

This view not only for my eyes be

For many now will see like me

The way of a land that clings to past

Like balls of fur on an animal’s ass

Men looked for grace from God

But there never a reply to say we nod

Violence then became the rage

It’s shaking of head and limb of bone

Then a wink of an eye from

From a man made throne

Violence needed and violence done

Became the way the East was run.

With no thought of kindness

Mankind went on with flag

Of vengeance the nations song

Not all was great as they stayed

And filled their plate

With bloodshed and war the daily pace

The tears now filling the parched earth

Alas the ground now gave a new birth

For men to stand in this last time

A blessing for his eyes to see.

A maiden now clad with gown

Will speak amidst the men renown

With powerful voice that men will fear

Now spreads about from peer to peer

Many beautiful women now

That bow to men in trembling fear

Of the multitude they have

With courage now and strength

Will no more be like lepers clad

Their robes are shed

With risen head and body

To amaze the masses

Of their beauty hidden

But now exposed with

Gracious clothes and garments

Like a queen.

The eager men of making news

Will picture them from town to town

Like a wild fire they soon find

The voice of man is in decline.

No more will ladies bow their heads

To books and scriptures that are dead

When people see what walls have done

Treason was what was won

As all that was good in most or eyes

Was told it false with every stride

Women now once again

Will lead men from the blind

With truth of freedom for all to see

Even from the unclad knee

The truth in words and looks

Will be the scales to right the wrong

Passed on to infant and the mom

Truth can only come from

With freedom of the persons tongue

The walls of books that kept out light

Will show their lies like windows

So light that heals both limb and soul

Now will on us give its toll.

Wayne© Jan 02/2013

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