April 22, 2024
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Winter Coat (Poem) January 31, 2010

A man came to my door one night
From winter winds and snow to fight
Well wipe your feet and please come in
And wipe that snow there from your chin
You must be cold I said to him
Wearing just a jacket thin
A cup of coffee will you have?
To help you warm your skin?
An extra coat I have for you
Yes one of black and one of blue
To shabby for me and just won't do
So one of them I'll give to you
Then I saw behind the door
My warm new coat that touched the floor
Decisions quick I had to make
For something from within's at stake
He drank his coffee and was to leave
My newest coat I gave to him
To stop this poor man shivering
He smiled at me and shook my hand
Thank you sir I think he said
Even Angels can and do get chilled
Then out the door and up the hill
He walked out into the night.

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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