December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Honour and Love January 13, 2010

Honour and love were but words for me but they have been instilled into my thoughts as a program of healing. A healing of myself and for as many as choose to use these as a principle. The next time that I look at anyone closely I have the opportunity to see that person as a brother or sister, not as kin but as a great fellowship in which we all will enter at our passing. The understanding that I have will be that the innermost thoughts of anyone can be revealed, sometimes by an expression on their face and by the look in their eyes will divulge the feeling locked within.

If there were ever two great principles, they would be honour and love. The principles that in my own makeup falls short of many times. That old self always seems to be the tripping stone of my giving honour and love. To look closely at a person and get through the first layer is the way to do it. To judge not by appearance is but a little bit of the principles involved here. To see a person being destitute, in his current place in life, tells me he has lost his job and perhaps lost much more including self-respect makes up that outer layer.

To love our neighbour is to understand the circumstances that have made the outer layer. The layer that we see is but a symptom; to see past and to find honour within is a challenge to meet with each person. As I seek out the inner layers in all people then my own outer layer is softened. And perhaps made transparent for others.


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