December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Wings of the untethered - The Vision (Poem) January 20, 2010

Drifting across the shadow of humanity
That resides wherever the castles of men
Have played the game
The game of getting ahead at any cost
To soar above the crowds
So all may see the ego on wings
Remaining within the hardened cast
That protects them from the product
Of their own creation
They fly as though freedom
Was their creation
Yet the invisible cords hold them
To the castles they built
While beside them fly the untethered
Those that have given of their sweat
And supported their lofty wings
Their path unrestricted
By the ego that blinds
Their patience becomes their map
For yet undiscovered mansions
Within the shadow of castles glory
That is growing continually
Being on the pathway of love and giving
From Divine and from within
The unseen hand builds for all humanity
As all are from the Divine that resides within
And egos will become translucent
And the cast will soften
And their product shall
Lead mankind into the shadows
Where the mansions are now being built
To live as the plan of the Divine from within
Guides both the tethered and the free.

Wayne Anthony

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