December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Impressions January 13, 2010

Original date: 3/08/2003


The journey we take, and the pathway we use, is the place where we leave the impressions of our being. Our life is being manifest as reality and is where we dwell by day and by night. The reality of life created by impressions left on the path. Is it an endless tape? Or is it the circle of life? This is the discourse of the matter tabled.

From birth till death, combined with the previous thought forces required for your being, becomes the hidden part of the pathway. Thus it is the beginning, from unseen to birth as a mortal, till death and spirit transfer. The transition of matter now becomes our death impression. The path rolls onward and continues and impressions continue. Yes, they continue onward to the beginning? Perhaps, but how do we know as now it is the unseen and the ability to unravel its secrets now before us.

Much has been said about the unseen having dominion over the seen, leaving less doubt that we, living in the unseen realms, do as a matter of fact persuade the course of life. It is not a strange distant power source reigning in the unseen but a home of our selves on part of the circle of life. It is not strange and uncanny but composite of our own consciousness. It is also recognized and used by our subconscious to be a directive force for change.

Every emotion is written on the fabric of time. It is the impression that is tuned, as the wheel of time is manuvered by the Psychic ability within each mortal. The impressions are left as emotions at the place on the circle "wheel" of life. The stronger the emotion the easier it is to retrieve the effect of this impression on the person's life. Emotions with a negative power imprint most deeply on that fabric of the circle of life. All emotions are imprinted in the strength of its power to the fabric. If the emotion is less the impression then may be difficult to retrieve. This can be the difficulty that can bring emotional unbalance to the person's life. A life without variety can lead to a depressive condition. Remember, "Variety is the spice of life".

We are in control of our lives and are aware of the areas of control from the circle of life. To think that we are out of control now is not meaningful as we always control our lives whether consciously or subconsciously. We are on the right track and subject to ever increasing knowledge that brings about the mature person, MAN. The time is soon, to enter the world as newborn beings free from old habits of control. We can now be comforted with the "IMORTAL" Being. Ourselves comfort us. We are born now into freedom.

Working together in harmony now permeates our newest thoughts enabling the power to multiply greatly. Keeping our thoughts in harmony with the One All Light now becomes the normal, not the wanted. By not being under the judgemental systems of belief bring harmony of thought and will rapidly fill the void. As harmony of thought expands the power also creates.

Our waking conscious hours are feeding material for the subconscious. During our sleep time thoughts are selected from the great storehouse of the mind. As daylight and darkness operate like the wheel of life so the energy to keep the circle of life is pulled from the opposite side. The wheel always energizes by the force of the unseen or the energy emanating from the other side of the current time of being.

All beings of the same accord now can be the powerhouse of harmony. Rotating like a giant wheel, circle or vortex to bring about by creating. Like and similar thoughts keep the great circle of life going like a giant gyroscope rotating, always true, but when unlike thoughts enter, the wheel will wander off course and will only straighten if all thoughts become the same. The final combined thought derived by many different roadways of thinking to bring into being the final residence and community of the mature being the Mortal Mature.

The circle of life with the impressions of Angels and Mortals is the nourishment of the circle. As man feeds the Angels with the thoughts of mortals, so Angels feed mortals with instructions from the wheel of life. Harmony is now the sought energy, the ever-increasing force of creation.

Let us make our impressions deep and with the emotion of love. This garden, with the impressions, now is the storehouse of creation. It is the place where man and Angel gather knowledge. The power of humility, now combined with the energy of the circle of life, give us the responsibility to create and to create with the love of the One All Light being foremost with the thought.

Sufficient for the day!

The Elders through Wayne

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