December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Black Pants (Poem) January 29, 2010
Two young men came into view
Walking down my street
Both wearing pants of black
White shirts with sleeves up neat

I wondered just what's their cause
To be coming near to me
They said once at my door
To save my soul from hell you see

How they knew where my soul would go
Was strange news here for me
I said come in and tell me more
About my deadly sins

They both now said with open book
To get me from the devils hook
The church that now I must go
Is the one that they attend

A powerful message I was told
And made my shoulders shiver
They tempered this with
Words of bliss so I could go to heaven

By all means I told them so
That this is the way for my soul to go
Now they both stood there grinning
I told them I'll be at your door
As soon as I stop sinning

Wayne Anthony Sturgeon

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