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Special Reports David Wilcock on The Norway Spiral January 19, 2010

On December 9, 2009 a strange phenomenon appeared in the night sky over Norway just before 8:00AM and became know as "The Norway Spiral". It appears to be filmed by several different people, some with pour quality but others with amazing quality such that it almost looks like some sort of SGI (but it isn't !) Some very good pictures here.

It is said that it would be a failed Russian missile experiment but it clearly seems to be more than that or something completely different bacause of the following reasons:

  1. The blue beam comming from the ground (or going to the ground).
  2. There is another movie out of Tomsk Russia in 2006 where you see a spiral UFO comming out of a wormhole. It proofs, it was not a rocket above Norway ! In regards to the Norway Spiral many people immediately use the words vortex, wormhole and black hole. 
  3.  There appears to have been another spiral several years ago over China.
  4. A few days after the Norway Spiral, in a radio interview David Wilcock talks to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot radio giving his (interesting) opinion on this phenomenon and again does not fail to amaze us with his knowledge and insights talking about a HAARP facility directly sout-east of the Norway Spiral and much more connecting all the dots.

First of all here are a few movies on the Norway Spiral.

You Tube movies on the Norway Spiral

Spiral UFO comming out of a wormhole Tomsk Russia in 2006

Spiral over China (same as Norway Spiral)

And than many more Spirals came all over the world:

Mysterious UFO Spiral formations have appeared in the skies over four continents. Canada, Russia, China, Thailand, Norway, and Australia have reported the presence of these unusual formations. These images have also been reported by radar stations around the world. When they appear on radar, they are highly symmetric, radial, and not associated with any known weather pattern. Authorities have no comment as to the true nature of the phenomenon. There have also been reports of spiral crop circle formations on the ground in several countries.

David Wilcock on the Norway Spiral

December 10, 2009 in MP3:

For more information on David Wilcock and The Norway Spiral visit his website Divine Cosmos.

Article by David Wilcock on the Norway Spiral

More importanly on December 12, 2009 David wrote an entire article on The Norway Spiral called

Disclosure Endgame
 Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook!
Part 2: The Norway Spiral Explained
Part 3: The New International Coalition
Part 4: The Insider Wars Over ET Disclosure
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