December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Freedom By Wayne Ultimate September 27, 2010


27 sept  2010.              


Hello everyone:

To add a bit about freedom. Let us let those that have found freedom within their beliefs continue with their belief. For one reason that they can never be convinced that their path is not truth.


 It is ingrained into every Religion that when doubts are raised concerning their beliefs it is but a test given by God to see their strength.


This in itself is a power that is useless to combat, because this is their proof that they indeed have the whole truth. If there is any hope of some of them releasing themselves it is met by yet another obstacle and his obstacle was shown to me several times.


The obstacle as was told me was as follows. "The only way to leave this flock of brethren is to go out through the gates of hell into everlasting lake of fire that was prepared for the devil and his Angels." So they got you coming and going.


If we are to receive true freedom than it must come from the voice within. At least this is how it came to me. I try not to convince anyone that they are following something wrong because it is not wrong for them. its part of their personal evolution.


The freedom that I was led to came over several years. There was help from Angels I believe that showed me how to achieve freedom. No more did I have to follow anyone with all their outdated scriptures. I was free I learn ed how to recognize the inner voice.


This freedom released me from time. Now I understood more about the workings of eternity. Even the common phrase which contradicts the bible yet found within its covers "I am the alpha and the omega" meaning there was never any beginning to any-ting that I know of.


The God removed the image of man and became the soul of the universe. It permeates within and without the visible and the unseen. it is in you and in me which gives us a divine status..


The only god that I will ever know is the earth that I walk on. This is my key into all the heavens, realms and dimensions. If you need and answer it is written in the book of god which is the earth and sky. It is all living and it will speak to you and give you the information necessary.


I respect all the religions and prophets with scriptures as they too have freedom, but the freedomthey have has the boundary of their faith.

Love Hugs



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