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Dear friend and visitor to my website. Whenever you want to ask me anything, or if I can help you find something or when your down or anything. Just talk to me. You may write me by mail by using this form.


June 10th, 2019

A note from the webmaster

see: https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/announcements/2019

However you are still free to write a message if you would like to share your experience or tell us something about your friendship or contact with Art.

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Friends of Art and visiors of this website. The old forum of Art has been replaced by a new Forum were you are most welcome. We invite you to share your thoughts on the afterlife and everything related. If you have questions about the afterlife or anything else and also especially about the Oahspe, you may always contact us! You may write your message in the Forum. Don't be afraid to get to know another, to share your thought and minds and heart. Also if you have found something interesting on the internet you may put a link to it here and we will all look at it.

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