December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Wisdom By Wayne December 11, 2012

Wayne Started to write again  . After he came back  from a black pit of misery .  Better then ever .  


Dec 10 2012 .


Hello there friends:

This writing is for your own mind. Never let anyone say that any of the old prophets were smarter than we are. There were some wonderful prophets and philosophers from years ago and not a doubt that they gave us some wonderful writings. Consider though their times and compare that time with ours. Some things were right and just thousands of years ago, however today a lot of the writings are worthless, and a few are with us forever.


We don't write with quill and candle we have writing tools that would scare Moses. We live in the twenty first century. Most of the people on the earth today are living like they did two thousand years ago. They will never change because their belief has been instilled into their heads by lies. Today they honor the writings because of fear. They willingly give their lives and sometimes take many other lives with them.

The words fear of God , fear of Satan, fear the Lord and fear of hell fire were all written more than two thousand years ago. But they are still followed today. Why? because they lost their ability to think. Just about every person doesn't know how to think that ability is lost now for most humans. At this time humans should have seen that all the old scriptures are wrong and filled with false hopes and ideas. That at the time was suitable, but today it is not at least its not suitable for me.


Humans are the only creatures that have freedom. As long as we think within the covers of a book Bible or Creed there is no freedom. If people are satisfied to stay within the walls of belief systems, this is their choice, or is it? I chose to find truth. It cost me a lot when I started to question the bible. Most people just take for granted that the bible is the word of God. Well who is this God?  Many answers but few pictures and never a handshake so just believe. The religions wouldn't lie to us or would they?


When I look at the misery in the countries of the middle east, I could cry. They are living just one notch above the cave man. Women are abused constantly. They are treated as scum and can be beaten by any man that sees fit to do so.


I shelved the bibles including the Oahspe. However I have freedom to go back to this prison of Religion. The bible says In the "beginning God" and with these two words man has not moved or advanced the way he could have. We naturally think that everything has a beginning. I disagree with this because we are brainwashed to believe Gods word. It goes on to say something like this God stood in the great void and made the earth and the stars planets etc. Well what did he make them out of?


This is getting too long but I can add many pages if anyone is interested.




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