December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Purging January 20, 2010

The director had called the meeting to order and a memo was then distributed. After a few minutes there was excitement around the table. It was made clear by this memo that the higher elements had penetrated into some of the minds of the mortals on the earth. This was the freedom the Angels were wanting for so long. The Heavens have been populated so heavily with kingdoms and lost spirits that any light from higher elements never got through.

The systems of belief had cemented the heavens so hard and close to the earth that any light was, at best, artificial. It was like the earth was encased in a solid covering made up of stone clad beliefs. It had become impossible for man and Angel even to attempt thinking without the use of doctrine and scripture.

The director of Plateau of Angels told the meeting that freedom had been confirmed and areas now would be open for direct communications with mortals. "It was a long wait" was the reply of many, much too long. The armour of the beast had been penetrated and new light now will come to mortals. 

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, was called out loudly in unison. Our plateau now can sail to the beacons of light about the earth and we can now execute our duties as Angels of Light to mortals. A great celebration began as the new age had just got a kick-start, they all said. Freedom and liberty for all and the heavenly elixirs were poured unsparingly to all at the gathering.

The creator once again has shown that life within and life without is under the direction of the Creator. There is relief now to Angels trapped in the crust of belief that has held tightly for so many years. Freedom now will reign in a system of no beliefs or doctrine or values outdated by time. Man the All person now is being born into a new age and his evolution now matures a hundred fold at this time.

Because of false light both Man and Angels have been restricted in their learning, which was only of the thoughts of others. Now we will be able to exercise our deprived brain that has been dormant like an unused muscle. Caution and surefootedness will be our design rather than speed and sorrow.

The infrastructures of a society in decline will pose many problems for us they said. But nonetheless it will be done and in the order of the Creator. There are groups around the earth that have been impregnated with the same light and the process now starts to provide for the welfare of Man and Angel.

To administer such a powerful remedy would be like overdosing on strong medicine so we will gently apply the needed ointments to the diseased planet, Man, and Angel. We will work, hand in hand, and mind within mind to bring the earth and the inhabitants upward to light.

What will be our first course of change was asked. To provide for the needy was the unanimous decision. To give hope and refuge for the decline of their society. To feed them, a little at a time, and to help them through the despair of the emptiness of religion and creed. How will we organize to cover the many nations of the earth, was asked. It was answered unanimously that communication would be done at individual, one to one, contact and with group contact. Only by freedom can we gain freedom and freewill. We need always respect the views that have encased mankind as an illness that will take much care to subdue.

They said that their objectives have been fulfilled first from within and then from without, showing the ever presence of Creator. This now proved the realms of existence of Creator by showing light from within the illness.

The sequence of operation of the heavens and the earth within and without is always a circle or a circular path. Anywhere on the circle the power of Creator will manifest when there is a sincere desire to use it.

Creator is not that which is given to only a few so-called chosen, it is the being that we are custodians of and is a powerful tool that can change the course of worlds. Creator does not hide behind any doctrine creed or scripture because it is a life force for the existence of everything. Creator is not partial to any set of beliefs that has any rites or ceremonies as these, at best, are the will of man at the expense of causing binding and shunning freedom.

Several were discussing Creator and why it ever got mixed up with God. It was during the personification that all this took place and words like God the Father and the Son of God and Our Father in Heaven. It was during these times two centuries ago that started the darkness of ignorance. At that time, and for many years before, Creator was a daily part of man's life and many lived in harmony with the creator and respected the provisions from the planet. It is the same today, and proven again, that Creator cannot come from within scripture, creeds or doctrine.

The director again called for the attention of the sub elders and the address was given as follows. We are bearers of light that births wisdom. Our appointment is now beginning and we will be inspired also by the "Pockets of Light" that will be opening in various parts of the earth. There will be many opening the light of Creator so they will be visible for us. To have wisdom one must yearn for it and many now are doing just that.

Mortals will be calling out for help. You will hear their prayers saying, why have we been forsaken? Why have we been lied to? Is there any God? Why has Jesus not come to help us? Where are you God my Father in Heaven, creator of all things? Oh God help us, will be uttered through their lips and eyes. God Help us will be their prayer.

These mortals now have our attention and a framework to catch the upset beings will be set up. Very gradually they have to be weaned off a Man God into the intensive care of Creator. Precious souls within wretched bodies have become too numerous for the Angels within this section. And we are lacking help from without till openings of light can be enlarged. It is our purpose to amplify our connections to many that have the ability to understand spirit. 

We will handle each person with special attention given to spiritual communication. "Mind within mind" As many as are open to this light then the easier it will be for us. Man will help himself as soon as he believes there is Creator. We will lessen the restrictions on material exchange, but under your own conditions, set with freedom foremost in mind.

Commentary; this came to me during the afternoon, something inspired me to go to the computer and write a poem. I do write a lot of poetry but this time there seems to be a message that may be important for everyone. I was not in any trance like condition just my normal self. However the room was very hot and I usually stay away till evening or morning when it is cooler. 

Well It seems to have stopped coming now. Maybe I will try later .


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