December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Freedom By Wayne September 14, 2010



Freedom is talked about from many pulpits and from many denominations. Freedom through Jesus or some other imaginary person. It is said we have free will by just about everyone.

What they have is the choice to do as they like but still within the walls of doctrine and this then is not free will .

If one is in a system of belief they can only have freedom within the guidelines. This is why I had to discard everything that I ever had to believe in.

The last belief was the elders. this was hard as I channelled them for ten years believing mostly what they said. I discarded the Elders and I have freedom. I get many articles of interest and knowledge which I am keep filed.

My ability now to think is the freedom that I earned. My channelling now is real and it is just a matter of writing what I hear. There is no struggle with accepting God as everything is part of god.

God is just a word used for everything that there is it is the binding of the atoms that are visible and it is the door way to the massive invisible world.

The constant struggle of 2500 religions is now but treading the waters of darkness.

True freedom is way different than anything I knew before.



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