December 10, 2023
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Christmas in Heaven January 13, 2010

It was several days before Christmas and concerns were rising as to whether there would be the usual gathering this year. Soon though, the sound of barking was coming from the long driveway. It was the group of dogs and cats with all the bird pets and even the goldfish and reptiles were carried down the road to the great gathering hall. It was starting to fill up this year even more than last year. Such an important event as this must be attended by as many as possible. The grass seemed to be a little lusher this year for some reason and the weather was perfect as usual in this place. So nice it was to see all the groups of mixed breed animal pets joining into neat little groups discussing events that happened when they were pets of the mortals.

The air was suitable for the many fish pets and members of the reptile family as they mingled and talked to each other. It was sheer fun now without the old pain and discomfort of the mortal world. This was heaven at its best. It was wonderful. The snapping jaws, of the ever so wild animals from the world of mortals', now just chatter away the time, as there is no need to kill for food here. Old nipper was there now and brought a couple of alley cats to the gathering so they would not be afraid, as the first time one steps into the animal heaven, things are just not the same. What strange happenings to see the love of each other in the animal heaven. Why even the goldfish that were eaten by the house cat were now best of friends.

Suddenly the screaming eagles broke the chatter and the chirping as they performed for the multitude of animals at this gathering. They dove down so swiftly that it brought memories of fear from the mortal land to some of them. It was only memories of their past lives though and not with the real fear that once was a part of living in the world of mortals.

Yes, up on the upper ridge were the playful hoop snakes rolling down the grassy knoll, with formations of frogs and lizards cheerfully jumping through the gracious hoops made by these snakes.

Little groups of pets joined in discussions of their lives on earth, with the entire problem being one of not understanding why they were given a life of mortality.
As far as the eye could see it was a gathering of such magnitude as never before seen in the heavens. Such joy to see but even more to feel, as this is what Love is about. This is why the animals were always subject to the humans, except for a few rare cases. The crickets jumped recklessly onto the beautiful trampoline woven by a group of spiders in front of a large audience. Moths and the most beautiful butterflies were flying in beautiful formations like tapestry gracing the skies of heaven.

The scorpions held a special march, with a most gracious procession for the eyes of all insects in their order. Many of them swirling hoola hoops around their once infamous stinger tails. In this location of Heaven a pet now becomes complete, and its purpose now fulfilled being a true part of the love that builds heavens. Muggins and Tiger were now at last true friends, sharing their adventures with each other and happiness was everywhere. Over the grassy knoll we saw Tundra, Chum and Tiki leaping from mound to mound in the clover filled walkways. Each had a pet bird on their head and roamed all together through the vast areas of Heaven.

There is no more fear, the great water buffalo said, as she roamed through fresh pastures and many rippling streams of golden water. It is Heaven here. We all are the product of love, and the life and death of us on the mortal planet now has the meaning needed for people to understand. Every action and deed done by both man and animal is for this very purpose; that we come together to bring love and happiness to each other. In this land, exclaimed the great white goose, there are no tears and WE are the invited ones to feast of heavenly nectar for nourishment of our now fulfilled spirit. Pain is a condition of those that live in the mortal world, and they think that they are alive. Inflicting pain and killing is but a condition of mortals. In these places of heaven there is no death, but complete happy lives of animal pets, and over there is the place where mortals and some of our earth masters dwell. They have special schools to learn about love and sometimes we spend a lot of time comforting our former masters as they think we didn't have an afterlife. Now we, and our masters and owners, find out what it is all about.

To the right over the next trail were the beetles playing the most beautiful music with only their squeaky voices. Even some of the angels came to see this display. Yes it is a wonderful place and we are all at last safe and in our true home. It is a place where the misfits of the earth can dwell and be their own leader through the trails of heaven. During this great time of Christmas on earth and in Heaven the gatherings of the pets and animals of every description gather.

For one day in animal Heaven the people of earth are represented by elves and the elves serve the pets and animals for this one wonderful day. It is Christmas day and the big parade is starting and this is the time that presents are given to one another. This year it is led by all the porcupines. All groomed so beautiful with all their display of quills glistening in the ever brightness of the heavens. The never-ending line of all the pets and animals, now glowing with the black and white skunks glistening like ribbons along the roadway. The elves are busy this day and for one day they become the servant of pets and they are ever so glad to do it. Never is there a complaint from the Christmas elves for they know now about love.


The End

by Wayne Anthony
December 10th 03

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