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Announcements Announcements 2015

I will sho

i will try to post two of her best sittings ever  . post them right here  .w you what more is on this site  !  Did you ever go to the site of Sylvia Howard  . The Medium In Engelad .  https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/silviahowarth 

if you please go to her  Site  on this channel  And watch two films  . this one  

3rd august 2011 justin tv wst mysteriouscircle live camera sitting beyond physicalmediumship.avi (346.9mb)


and than this one  

Justin tv mysteriouscircle 27th july 2011 live camera sitting beyond physicalmediumship.avi (342.3mb)

Enjoy your self    art 

website is working AGAIN - December 14, 2015

Hoi Hoi   website working again  . can get in everything again   .   art 

website does not work correct , we are working on it - December 11, 2015

. Our website  is not working correct  . it will be fixed  .  soon .    art . today

new ufo films . - November 08, 2015

New ufo film By  Lou In australia  . Best film ever  . You can see these spaceships are manned  by pilots  / The way the are  manouversd   go here on bthe site  .  or click here 

https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos  look for 2015  7 Nov  . mkany others there from the last 2 months    Art .  the film i am talking about is by Lou Canola  in Australia  .   

Website is full running again - November 02, 2015

The web-site  will keep running full  . after this hassle we had   . I hope  .

If something New appears  . I will post it in announcements 2015  . 

As much as I am able too  . so check up  always  right here  .  art   today is 2 Nov 2015  .

i like to say Hi  . to all the folks who visit my  website  .  . i do not think my email  link is working yet  . 

it will be back i hope  .   art

new ufo film . from a friend . in nz monitor in maxico - October 18, 2015

new ufo film . from a friend who live in new zealand  .  he monitors  . a webcamera  set up in mexico  . by the mexican goverment  . and lasloz  . the newzealand friend films in the middle of the night these ufos  . over mexico


with the cameras from goverment of mexico  .  and mexico does no know he filmed them  .  and the are on his 

youtube chanel   this is Laslosz youtube site 



hoi hoi works normal now - October 07, 2015

hi  Everyone  . we got it working again  . all de filmds ande eveything is working  . some more  . ufo films have been uploded this week. 


Had some more sitting with the voicibus  spirit box  . on my youtube channel 


will give you the url again 

https://www.google.nl/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=wKQGVoCeNNHj8wfyu4bgBg             greetings to everyone  art  

reparatie is nabij - October 05, 2015

reparatie  van de  website is nabij  .  webmaster is er mee bezig  .   . art .  hooguit een paar dagen  art

webfaults will be repaired - October 04, 2015

Hi All.  my webmaster was on hollidays   Ande he like his hollidays peacefull  .   The faults on the website will be repaired as soon as possible  .  Still a little patients  is needed .  Greetings  Art 

website partly not working - October 03, 2015

Trouble caused by windows 10 . A lot of apps were wiped  .  Trying to get it fixed by the webmaster  . But he does not seem to be home  . I do not get answers from Him . will keep trying to get it fixed .   sorry for the inconvieniens    art 

breakdown - October 01, 2015

. we had a crash  . going back to windows  . will try to get all the programs install;ed again  . might take a week.  


so sorry art .  

ufos films in 2015 - September 14, 2015

check out . Ufo videos  2015  some are real good  .  

https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos   art 

best Ufo filmed ever 4 aug 2015 - August 05, 2015

Please have a look  At , this film  .  

UFO In town over Chile investigates cattle▬OVNI pueblo de Limache Chile investiga ganado 04/08/2015



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNW8byRumuo    . realy amazing  .  art.  

New Ufo Films uploaded For 2015 - August 04, 2015

Hallo friends  

 There are a few nieuw  ufo films uploaded   for the year 2015  .  go here please  

https://esotericbooks.deds.nl/index.php/content/downloadufovideos    When on that page go to: 2015 new ufo films   .  art 

website is fixed - August 04, 2015


zwolle august 4 2015  

Hi Folks  . The website was down for a while  . Has been fixed by my Webmaster  . last night .  Had to do with Windows 10 installation  . Is working fine now   .  Art  

more ufos . very clear and sharp films - July 15, 2015

Uploaded  . Very sharp and very clear Ufo Film  .  Film by a publisher  . And i manage to get the dioloog between the publisher and to origional  filmer  . In another co[py of the film  .  Fo to Ufo Material  Ufo Videos  . look for these titles         Best ufo sighting 2015 metallic saucer ufo texas borcder ect.  

Ufo Experts cant Explain this !!! TEXAS FLYING SAUCER  Ect.    art 

special ufo films that will not download on this website - May 17, 2015

You can find the those films  ,. If i give you them here    The origional url.  I will try  . important films  . special  about the alien  In china  . Coming out of his ufo.  . Not able to download  . If you want to see this  film  . Mail At my contact folder  , And i will send you  6 live films  . Of different ufos  . that i can not download on the website  

the most important one is the chinees alien  . Real good film  .  mail me please .   i will send it private with we transfer . to you  .  Art 

more sylvia spirit films - April 23, 2015

Hi All

Let me know if you want more  Spirit films  from Sylvia Howard on my site,  in her  corner .   Just write me an e-mail.  


Sylvia  . I think i have your permisson  . You did not have these exelent sittings for nothing  .  Art  

New Ufo films For 2015 Posted 29 03 2015 - March 29, 2015

the new films are posted  here      "    ufo material  ufo videos  "  in a folder   2015 New ufo films  .   art 

2015 New map for ufo films of 2015 - March 02, 2015

The  new map and new film  Is located  . In folder to the left  of front page   In the map  

 Ufo Material  Ufo videos for download    

Interesting film in Argentine    art 

Website works again. - March 01, 2015

My website was temporarely out of order  . But my webmaster fixed it perfect  .  . I would like that my members  . talk to me a bit more  .   Art