July 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems The substance January 20, 2010

Original Date: February 28, 2003


The substance of it all is what we are and the connection not breakable by death, distance or time. None are greater, none are less, but all of the being of the One All Light. The custodians of an instrument of power so great that the transformation of person's places and the condition of world can be achieved. As freedom has transformed us into the desired residence, suitable for mortals, at this time we come under an obligation of higher thought.

Humility achieved by power, is the knowing that the secrets now are not the power, but the chain to darkness. The light of the All One shines from within and will guide and lighten our path chosen. The Light is the substance which we are, but in the unborn condition. Of everything is the substance no matter whether it is animal, rock or star. We can arrive at true substance by attaining the humility of thought that provides that knowing in all of us, that knowing that everything is under the master plan now being our foremost thought.

The plain of the Placid now becomes the clay of creation. With the tools of humility and love and a material of symmetry, ignited by frequency, now grows from the garden, much like an offshoot of the herb. The essence of the thought is now materializing in actions and objects. The womb of creation and the mould is made and in the time assigned will be born.

Love, and the power of humility, now nudges the thoughts growing in the Placid plain to be the gentleness lacking in the first creation. To unfold a new world suitable for the fully evolved "born" mortal is the undertaking of the Society. That we, as a unit, will rise at the time prescribed from the womb that the Society now provides is our responsibility. With the certainty of the Elders that anxiously wait their turn to co-evolve with us to Light unlimited will be the joint adventure.

The path of time, and our walk along it, will now be paved with understanding. Because we have traveled over the rough pinnacles on the walk of life we will be remembered as pioneers and suitable mention will grace the halls of recognition. It was our lights that shone through the darkness, as the beacon, to send help to a dying world. The Light, The Substance and the Society commingled to remove darkness.

Sufficient and Farewell,

The Elders
Through Wayne