July 20, 2024
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Think for Ourselves January 20, 2010

Original Date: October 23, 2001

      Humans were given the ability to be the rulers of the planet. Yes, it was a gift from our very Creator. We were given a new body complete with a new spirit at birth. We were made special. God was pleased. There are many accounts of our beginnings in many Bibles and Holy Books. But the one thing they have in common is that they all differ. They have changed---even as recorded history has been written. They have become instruments of Great power, and even to this day people have become bound to the spell of those old ancient writings.
      To use our abilities to think for ourselves would be pleasing to our Creator. To respect the writings of the ancients as wisdom for that time. To grow and blossom forth is the way of the creations. Freedom of choice is a gift from God
The Indians were able to live in peace and harmony without any books but were in harmony with the each other and their Creator through the earth. Their rituals were in remembrance of how the earth was like a mother to all. They had few laws, and few Chiefs, and no Government except the community they answered to.
If the various laws that were given to us from the beginning were adhered to today, we would then stop growth and start on a path of decay. This is plain to see that today we are following laws that were given to man when he was just a barbarian.
      The law and the prophets were an essential service to mankind for his evolution. So, the law should evolve to fit within the realm of man's growth. It is through fear that we have become bound to ancient doctrines---most of which we find are untrue today.
      I was created to develop to my full potential. Do not restrict my growth with ancient writings. I have learned many things from the ancient writings, but few are good for me today.
      Again I share this message from the Angels that came to me in 1992. To show me that growth in the next life can be restricted by our beliefs in this life. They showed me how our spirit can become encased by belief systems that build walls for us, and these walls can bind us for many hundreds of years. We will be bound by our thoughts, especially if we can't change them. We will reside shoulder to shoulder with the ones of our beliefs. We will not be happy, but we will have those beliefs.
      The angels told me that these souls were there of their choice, while being mortal, but were free to leave any time their opinions would change. To have freedom in our mortal and spiritual lives we have to move forward and change our opinions to suit the times we live in. By thinking and reasoning
ourselves we can be set free as we were intended to be and not held hostage to some holy book.
      Man is now capable of using his own creative abilities to get out of these old customs that promote war and killing. The old books have become our downfall. They now again prove themselves, as for the most part, worthless. To think freely without stepping on others and their beliefs is what I would like. To appreciate their opinions I want also, but to appreciate what they have taken and then to fit it to them selves is not what I call thinking freely.
      Most people don't believe the bible, although they will say that they do. But what has happened is that they have fitted themselves into a belief system as close to their own beliefs as they can. They have stretched themselves to all the corners of that creed, or belief, or religion, but they don't really believe all of it. Now they are in a position of not having to think anymore---the Holy Book does it for them.
      No longer need they reason as that has also been done for them. All thought now is just the repeating of some scripture that was written thousands of years ago and, perhaps, changed in word and meaning many times. Are we not proud of the Father and His creations? Are we not as mortals with everlasting life the chosen ones above all others? Animals have their reasoning done for them and can only operate within their respective kingdoms with little freedom. We are not animals, but we are created to grow, and blossom, and to use our God given talent of thought and reason, for the praise and glory of our Creator.
      The way of love is now at the doorway. This also was written by the ancients but over written by hate over the years. The old eye for an eye philosophy has over ruled too long. Deep within each of us we know the way and what is best. Don't be shy of your talents, and your thoughts, which are precious words for today--- but may be different tomorrow. Let's use our own thoughts so the Creator will say, "I am well pleased with my creations."