July 20, 2024
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Diamond Lady
Disclosure Project en Steven Greer
Dutch - Capricorn Esoterisch Centrum

Esoterie op zeer breed gebied

Dutch - Spirituele Contacten.nl

Dutch Website. Meet other spirituel people with the same interests in Holland and Belgium.

Ontmoet gelijkgestemden op spiritueel gebied in Nederland en België.

Homepage Herman Baars
Latoray Spiritual Center
Leslie Flint Direct Voice Recordings
Project Stargate

The Earth and Other Dimensions - Reality behind Sci-Fi and Fantasy
The premise of Project Stargate is that science fiction and fantasy books and movies are sources of inspiration for technology already present in this and other dimensions and that they give an overall picture of what is going on. Conversely this is also confirmed from frontier and fringe sciences, esotericism and insiders who have been studying these things for years. Dutch speaking visitors can visit the Dutch Part as well.

Spiritual Light Journeys
The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom
Victor Zammit

This is Victor Zammits site .. He is diterment to show , with his site , that there is Life after Dead.. And  it is A source of much knowlege and information  .. It is wordwhile to recieve 

His Newsletter .. So go and take a look  . Art

Wayne's site for Poetry and Other Stories