January 26, 2022
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Special Corner - Wayne's Writings and Poems Up Hill (Poem) January 20, 2010

Moving along again in life

The road seems to change

From paths of roses and irises

To gravel chunks and weeds

And push I do with chubby legs

To move me up the hill

The clover path becomes the way

Wondering just how long the stay

I'm not upon the clover long

When a corduroy road

Comes into view

In unsightly rhythm

But surefooted shoe

The problems with corduroy

Was overcome too

The path now is straight

With smooth grass is laced

Soft strides over clover

Give speed to this rover

Bringing the top into view

With blue lips I pursue

Over ice clad mountains

I soon see the downside

And glide home to rest

And telling this story

I did it my best

Wayne Anthony
(c) June 2, 2004

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