October 02, 2023
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UFO Material - UFO Sightings 2010 Ultimate UFO Collection-Iceland Volcano March 2010 April 06, 2010

Disclose.tv Ultimate UFO Collection-Iceland Volcano March 2010 Video

Dozens, possible hundreds of people here on DTV have watched this live via webcam broadcast on this website:

LOGO is only first minute... please be patient, saved the best for last !

Make of it what you want, but these objects were deffinetly no black helicopters ;)

This is the edited version of my earlier video form this sighting... I think this can obviously rule out the possibility of a helicopter, in this case ;)

Recorded 2nd of April 2010:

Disclose.tv Bright UFO Vanishes!? - Volcano 2 April! (edited) Video

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