March 21, 2023
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UFO Material - UFO Sightings many good links February 27, 2012

Brian in scotland


                                                                 Ufo’Urls  2012 


UFO ovni over Sinaloa Mexico jan 3rd 2012.mp4


Triangle UFO in Norway - Jaime Maussan



UFO in Melbourne sky overlooking the Firework of New Year's Eve 2011 or It is the Nibiru Planet X

UFO in the first seconds of 2012 #HD (red stars on the Roumania sky)


UFO New Years 2012 Hollywood Florida                                          




 Spiked UFO, Santiage, Chile. 3rd Jan 2011 (2nd Camera) - Must See!!!   


UFO 2012 2nd Beijing China Sighting 1/6/2012 from same building in 1 week


Bright White Globe Light UFO 1of 5!


UFO The Fourth Kind Alien Encounter by Mario Mondragon



UFO Over Mount Hermon, Israel 2012!


UFO over Sanibel Beach Florida January 12, 2012




LATEST SPHERE UFO 2012 SYDNEY                                            






   UFO 18th January 2011   


Police helicopter searching for UFO´s in Ljungkullen 2012.01.06 amazing footage MUST SEE!!            


Genuine UFO Sighting Wales 2012 Flying Saucer Lights Part One!       

Sun hit .   


Ovni UFO UFO SORCERER Mexico,city tijuana 27 enero 2012  


Amazing UFO - UFA, Russia January 23, 2012.


Avistamiento OVNI - Nave Nodriza Kuban, Rusia



UFO Flotte 26.1.2012 über der Stadt gefilmt


ufo in pontypridd


UFO in Ireland


Ancient UFO Relics In Baltic Sea? 2012


NASA Family Personal Prepardness Plan


UFO over Lima Peru 01/22/12


UFO's Murrieta California 1-29-2012


Unmanned UFO scanner - Norway, the of Jan 2012


UFO over Virginia, CLOSE UP, Jan. 5 2012, analysed & slowed


Large UFO above the plane.Over Minto.N.S.W.Australia.5. 2. 2012.10:45. Am.


UFO Sighting over Northern IL 2-5-2012


UFO Over Welwyn Garden City: February 2nd 2012


Object dichtr bij Mercury .


UFO Filmed over Bogota, Columbia


Wil Ontario



Ufo Alien Temple Found In India


UFOTV Presents...The UFO Vigilantes - Real UFO Hunters - Full Feature

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